Thumbs & Ammo


Memes are common place on the internet, but sometimes a joke becomes something more than originally thought. I found that out when I had stumbled upon this article over spring break. It had started out as more of a joke and mocking of action movies but then it evolved to take on a more deeper meaning.


We are living in an America that has just undergone many gun related tragedies in the past few months and, unbeknownst to the makers of these images, they are making a statement about how guns are common place in media. It has become relatively easy to ignore when watching action films because all those movies are driven by action and violence, which more times than none involves the use of guns. I find these images powerful because they are taking iconic movies and altering them, making them something out of context. Instead of a gun, what about a thumb? A thumb isn’t threatening. If anything it is a sign of assurance or acceptance and replacing a firearm with a thumb changes the meaning but also shows that guns are an important issue. They have to be maintained and monitored to prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook from occurring again.


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