Power of the E-Cig

For eight years it was always the same routine… wake up; light up… eat a meal; smoke a cig; before bed, after sex, with coffee, while driving, while drinking…. TOTALLY STRESSED OUT?  That’s fine… just smoke 3 in a row and calm yourself down…

For eight long years I stuck with one of the most horrible, disgusting, and deadly habits:

It began to wear down on me in almost all aspects of life.  I began to realize that smoking was not only stupid because of its detrimental effects to my health, but because of the ridiculous amounts of money I was spending to get my nicotine fix.

Roughly $8 for a pack… once a day = $56 per week… then turns into $224 a month… which is a whopping $2,688 per year!! Times that by 8 years I’ve been smoking… I could have basically paid for my college tuition ($21,504).

I can say without a second’s hesitation that I am addicted to nicotine.  One night without it and I’ll be feverishly shaking, laying awake after countless nightmares.  I finally made the decision about a month ago that I was going to quit.  I was tired of smelling and tasting like a cigarette, and I needed to break this dependence.  So first I tried cold turkey… for about 3 hours it worked.  Then I tried being just a “social smoker,” quitting for a couple of days then lighting up outside the bar.  That only made me want it more, and I ended up right back where I started.  Then I tried weaning off; allowing myself only a number of cigarettes per day, and decreasing as the days went by.  I would constantly find an excuse to cheat and have an extra one or two.  It seemed as if I was never going to be able to do it.  I did not want to try the patch, gum, or medications for fear of side effects or blood clots (ironic, right?) and meditation and hypnosis did nothing for me as well.  So of course, I decided that maybe I was just meant to be a smoker, a social pariah for all the days of my life.  I deduced that when I planned to someday have children, I would HAVE to quit and it would give me the strength to stick with it.

As the weeks continued, smoking pack after pack, I still longed to be the girl who did not have to succumb to the cravings and withdrawals.  Then- FINALLY- I saw someone at a bar one night who was smoking an electronic cigarette.  At that moment, it was as if the heavens opened up and the angels sang to me (slightly exaggerated).  Once again, I had renewed hope that I might have found the cure that I was looking for all  along.

I would not only recommend electronic cigarettes to those trying to quit, but for those who have no interest in quitting.  The reasons for this are numerous: save yourself from illness, save some money, and possibly save your own life.

Logic sells E-cigs that can be re-charged, so that all you have to do is buy a “carton” and refill whenever needed.  Disposable ones go for roughly $10 a piece, but are the equivalent to two packs of cigarettes.  A “carton” is still equivalent to a regular carton of cigarettes, except regular cigarettes can cost as much as $80 per carton, whereas Logic sells a carton for $20.

They come in all different flavors and strengths, and the best part is there are absolutely no carcinogens inside… just water vapor.  So not only is smoking an e-cig healthier for YOU, but also for others, considering the effects of secondhand smoke are totally illuminated.

imageSo, you can smoke it virtually anywhere, even on planes, in restaurants, and in class.  I encourage any and all who are intrigued by the concept, or even planning to FINALLY quit, to visit the Logic Website and find out more how a smokeless cigarette can benefit you!


3 thoughts on “Power of the E-Cig

  1. My brother uses these, and he gets some pretty interest flavors sometimes. In the past he’s had things like blueberry banana, Trix cereal, orange popsicle, SweetTart, etc. I personally never really got into smoking. I’ve had three total cigarettes and I thought they made me feel odd.

  2. Does this satisfy your nicotine craving? I know the electric cigarette is a “healthy” alternative as well as cost effective, however, I have learned that friends of mine still ache for a cigarette after using an electric cigarette. Therefore, some people end up spending even more money on this addiction. Nevertheless, this is very informative and I encourage you to continue to find alternative ways to end your costly and deadly addiction.

  3. I’ve never smoked before because I’ve never really had the interest to do so, but I do know a few people who turned to these electric cigarettes to cut the edge off of their cravings when trying to quit. I’m pretty sure that most of them don’t smoke now as a result so I definitely agree that this is a great tool for those trying to quit.

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