Social Media in a Time of Crisis

Social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram are not solely for socially interacting with your friends and others around the world, but they are also useful resources for news. By following twitter accounts such as CNNnews and ABCnews, you can recieve live updates of what is happening around the world on your twitter feed. Maybe not so much Instagram but we can follow celebraties and see what it is that they’re up to…as if we really care that much. 

A few years ago i read an article about a radio news-broadcaster who went live on the air during Hurricane Katrina and lead people to safely. Through his radio broadcast he was able to receive phone calls from callers whom were trapped on their roofs and looking for safety. He was able to distribute information during the time of crisis that would lead thousands to safety as well as rescuers to thousands. 

Social Media does have its ups and downs, it’s good and bad moments where it can be more useful than just entertaining. 

One thought on “Social Media in a Time of Crisis

  1. Twitter is great for live news updates as they are short and to the point. No one wants to read a 500 word article anymore, and if they do there is typically a link connected to the published article from the tweet. Twitter, and many other social media sites, has undoubtedly helped with the progression in many businesses.

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