What Ever Happened To Educational Television?


I can remember a time when I was little and naturally woke up before 8 a.m. During that time I found that there was very little to do since everyone in my household was still sleeping, so I would rush into the kitchen, secure myself some sort of cereal, and sit in front of the television. I can remember if I woke up early enough I had the chance to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy. I loved that show and I can bet that many of you have fond memories of Bill as well. It was an ingenious idea. Since children tend to get restless at school, why not incorporate things they would learn into television? The result is something educational and entertaining:

The idea of educational television makes me wonder where did shows like this go? I know that many children’s programs nowadays incorporate education into their episodes, but I have yet to see anything that can compare to what Bill Nye or  Mr. Rogers did for educational television. I can see an array of cartoons, but most of them are based on card games or toys that the creators want you to buy. I think that children’s television needs to take a step back for a minute and reassess itself and see if the amount they are educated is equal to the amount they are pushing products because getting a child hooked on something that is entertaining but educational at a young age will help them become more successful when it comes time to go to school.

5 thoughts on “What Ever Happened To Educational Television?

  1. I used to love Bill Nye. I think the change has been that channels like Discovery, History Channel, Animal Planet have all been overrun with reality programs. Not to say Reality TV can’t be educational, but i would consider it more of entertainment than anything else. It hard to judge older children programs I used to watch to modern programs, because i will always think my shows were better.

    • Not to mention, Animal Planet now has PARANORMAL SHOWS!! A subdivision of the once well-respected Discovery Channel has been sucked into the abyss of pseudo-science!!!

      • Yea, they used to have things like Henry’s Amazing Animals.

        My siblings and I used to watch that show EVERY DAY. It’s the only one where I think we had scheduled tv time for.

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