Can Personal & Professional Profiles Exist Together on The Web?

In a lot of my classes we have been discussing social media. I even had to create a “professional” twitter page for one of my class. I can see the importance of maintain a professional image on the web and connecting with other professional, but I also enjoy posting funny status and sharing pictures of my friends doing stupid stuff. With the web presence of potential employees becoming increasing important  to employers, is there any room to maintain a regular personal profile online?

I recently read this article which explains what to tweet and what not to tweet. It made me realize that I tweet a decent amount of things that would fall under the “don’t tweet” category. As I start applying for internships, i started to think of deleting my social media pages. The way  i have been using social media would not be considered “professional.” I don’t ever post really extreme things, but i do the occasional funny, inappropriate status/tweet every now and then. It really bums me out knowing I might not get hired based on my actions on social media. I do not think that should be the deciding factor. For me, it  almost does not seem worth it to keep my social media pages anymore. I don’t think it’s possible to have a personal and professional page.


2 thoughts on “Can Personal & Professional Profiles Exist Together on The Web?

  1. Im glad that you posted this because I was also thinking of getting professional twitter or social media site. This article should be really helpful. The thing about these sites and the internet in general is that in the past we, as in our generation, had no idea how the sites would later come back to haunt us or impact us. They were just seen as “social” activity and something that was not really relevant to real life in any sort of professional manner. Now people are finding out the hard way that yes it can have an impact on more than just your social life.

  2. I think this defines how you define “inappropriate”. If you’re posting pictures of yourself chugging alcohol at a party, the employer may look down on that more than you posting a bit of dirty humor. But I don’t know. I wouldn’t care what people do in their spare time if I was hiring people as long as they weren’t raping, killing, pillaging, or burning.

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