Real Madrid Stars and Video Games

If there are two things I love, they are soccer and video games. The following image was what I encountered yesterday on my (news?) feed?/dashboard?, as I finally logged into my Facebook account.


(source: Kaká’s instagram)

I was quite frankly overjoyed. Pictured here are Real Madrid players (from left to right), Mesut Özil, Kaká, and Sami Khedira. They are all holding Nintendo 3DS XL’s and are happily playing Mario Kart. The same image is posted on other social media sites (either from the players themselves/fan accounts/other websites) like Twitter, Instagram, and others. I am a fan of Real Madrid, but have been admittedly slacking on watching games due to studying for mid terms, which is very unfortunate existence in itself. Seeing this image really brightened my day. I felt indescribable happiness seeing two of my most favorite things combined.

Soccer players playing video-games isn’t a new thing. The FIFA series of video games are very popular amongst gamers, mostly young men. (FIFA video games also allow music artists to reach gamers because their songs are featured in the games as soundtracks.) As a conclusion, professional soccer players (men, ages 19-early 30’s), playing video games is not very surprising at all.

This relates to technology in two ways. First, I would probably not have seen this image if I did not log into Facebook. Ordinarily, this would not be a problem for most. However, I do not tend to use my Facebook account that often, if not sporadically. I guess Facebook is useful for my personal use besides staying in touch with my high school friends. Secondly, these three famous players are promoting the Nintendo 3DS XL and Mario Kart to their followers on their social media accounts.

I find it really fascinating that people can receive news about their favorite stars from across the world. (Technically, these three are on an airplane.) It truly is amazing what we can communicate to each other, what we can share. Especially since soccer is such a popular sport, most images of famous soccer players (or footballers, as they’re known for the Europeans) are cross-posted on basically all social media sites.

One thought on “Real Madrid Stars and Video Games

  1. I can only imagine how little of their favorite celebrities that people saw before the internet. I mean, besides seeing them on the Television or in movies, or somehow managing to see them in real life (which was probably near impossible even then), how did they know anything about them? This post really made me think. Without the internet, we would know so little about these people ( Perhaps trivial to all the other uses of the internet, but still important for fans!). There are so many interviews that are only on the internet, for example, and some celebrities even make Youtube videos to speak to fans ( Anne Rice creates Youtube videos solely to give writing advice to fans). We’d know nothing about these people without!

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