Old Treasures!

ImageRecently I have come back to my video gaming habits!  I forgot how I much I loved to play video games.  It all started when I dug out my Playstation 2 and Kingdom Hearts game a few weeks ago.  I had forgotten how fun it was to play that game!  The storyline was great and the characters were even better!  On this spree of digging out old consoles I also found my GameCube along with the game Luigi’s Mansion and a few others.  I also found my Sega and Nintendo 64 but came to the realization that I didn’t have the power cables. 

ImageToday I see the video games that are out and none of them really catch my interest.  I’m not really into the whole war games, although I play them a little here and there with my brother.  I wish that they would come out with newer Kingdom Hearts or Zelda games to play.  I would love that!  I’m just super happy that I found all of these old games of mine.  My spring break will be filled with video games.  My next mission is to find my Gameboy and Pokemon games!!


One thought on “Old Treasures!

  1. Yay! More video game posts!

    I see your point. The older games, like older cartoons, have this certain charm that modern video games lack. I guess people like the nostalgic value of them. I recently bought Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS, though even though it’s the newest in the series, it has bonus levels where they have maps, music, and characters from the older games (dating back from the NES and Super Famicom, etc).

    The only really “old” systems I had were Playstation (my older sister’s) and Gamecube. Luckily for you, Kingdom Hearts and The Legend of Zelda are such popular game series so they will probably keep making more. The only negative thing is that they might be on different/newer consoles.

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