My Recent Guilty Pleasure

To me, there is nothing better to do on my laptop while I am passing time than scrolling through the addicting pages of Pinterest. For those who don’t know what Pinterest is..its a fantastic website that allows users to “pin” and centralize things themselves and others stumble upon and “like” all over the internet. It consists of over thirty different categories of ‘things’ that people may have an interest in, such as tattoos, hairstyles, humor, or travel. Pinterest literally combines everything we love into one, distinct website. It caters your ‘news feed’ to strictly be things you want to see because you can follow your friends or follow a person that pins things that are of interest to you. This website combines the social connection with others that our generation is becoming so accustomed and dependent on, while embracing and catering to the different interests people may have; essentially Pinterest gives it’s users everything they desire in a website at this time. 

My fascination with Pinterest was discovered over a year and a half ago. As I have spent time browsing the extremely long pages that Pinterest offers, I have always had one simple complaint: sometimes I’ll see an item that I would like to purchase while I’m on Pinterest, but I can’t get the correct link to see how much it is or if it even truly exists. ALAS, I have found the perfect website to void my complaint–Wanelo. Wanelo is the slightly more girly Pinterest that offers the options “like” or “buy” with every single item that is posted to the website. It has the same social connection with others that many users might be looking for because you can ‘follow’ friends or other people of interest. The sheer fact that I can so easily find things that I like or want WITH the option to buy, is DEADLY. The discovery of Wanelo is not only harmful for myself and my schoolwork, it is also toxic for my bank account. So girls (or guys), this is my plug for the awesome website, aka my guilty pleasure, Wanelo. If you’re ever looking for a color changing shower-head with rainbow LED lights, Rasta dream catcher TOMS, a ‘Keep Calm and Eat’ sweatshirt, or perhaps a self stirring mug, Wanelo is definitely the website for you! 

Color Changing Showerhead Nozzle - Rainbow LED Lights Rasta Dream Catcher TOMS by BStreetShoes on Etsy   Keep Calm and EAT Burgundy Crewneck unisex size Small Cool Self Stirring Mug Cup

P.S. I am sorry to inform all of you that are going to jump on my Wanelo-bandwagon, there IS a Wanelo app to fuel your guilty pleasure…..


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