Dove Evolution. We need a photoshop revolution.

A few days ago, someone posted on the blog a great piece on Women’s Image in America and Image Alteration. I immediately though of this video by Dove that came out a few years ago to demonstrate the process and illustrate just how drastically distorted the images are in advertising. Please take a minute to watch this video. I know some classmates were really opposed to legislation on limiting photoshopping in advertising, but I think this video highlights how far the advertising industry has gone to pervert the body.


Girls (and guys, too, probably but I can only really speak for myself and my girlfriends) are absolutely aware of the fact that the images we see in magazines and on Pinterest are usually photoshopped and edited. That said, we also absolutely fall prey to them. Perfectly healthy size 4-6 friends of mine have dieting app’s on their iphones. I struggle with my weight and constantly complain to anyone who will listen about how much skinnier I should be. I know more than a few girls who go to sleep with makeup on because they don’t want to be seen “looking ugly” in the morning when they walk from their dorm to the bathroom.

I think we’ve moved past subconscious influence in advertising. Its an all out war against the natural female body, and that is a serious problem.  If you’re comfortable with nudity, you should check out the work being done by the Nu Project to combat the standard of beauty in our country.  They’re professional artists taking incredible pictures of real women.



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