I deactivated my Facebook account

So being that the time is mid semester and the lovely midterm season is here, I deactivated my Facebook  account to assure I wasted absolutely no time on it, and dedicated my whole existence (couple of weeks) to studying.I must say it was really weird at first, since I’ve had it I just tap the app on my phone out of habit when I have nothing else to do.

when I was on the bus. tap. when I was eating with someone  and the conversation reminded me of a stale toast. tap. when I was in a place where I knew no one. tap. when I first woke up, but figured I could still stay in bed for 5 more minutes (2 hours). tap. when the professor read straight off a powerpoint. tap. when I had to study. tap, scroll, scroll, scroll. tap, slide finger to the left, next, next….
Now  I have nothing to do in those times when I need to kill time, or I’m simply bored. I thought back to one of the videos we watched in class “back to the book”. Aaron decided to leave Facebook for good, I had only planned to deactivate it for a few weeks, or until I felt myself “less busy” and able to waste time on anything. Now that it’s been about a week, I’m not really sure I will ever go back to it.
why did I even make one in the first place? I had tried myspace for a brief while, and found myself only adding ridiculous decorations constantly as opposed to really “networking”. about 3 years without a myspace account, I decided to create a Facebook freshman year , since it was meant to help students keep in touch throughout their college career. Again, I have never been a big fan of expressing myself outwardly, so my profile was really “dry”, and I only had about 150 friends, if not less. the only thing I really used it for was to see how my friends were doing and how my family members living far away were making out, I could see them grow up before my eyes from thousands of miles through the screen.
regardless of what I used it for, the deletion of the account has definitely increased my productivity. now when I’m bored I remember I always have something to do. whether it be go over note cards or clean, the 5 minutes of every hour spent on Facebook have been adding up to enough time at the end of the day to do something more useful. as a full time college student, not many of us have time to waste, so why do we do it anyway? as for me, I could care less who knows of me or about me or see how cool or uncool my life is. I am quite content in obscurity and don’t see myself going “back to the book” anytime soon. I encourage everyone else to try it,  even if only for a few days, to see what facebook really means to them. for a person who doesn’t really value social networking, I am doing quite well without it. will you?


4 thoughts on “I deactivated my Facebook account

  1. I like the photo you used haha! I was speaking with a friend this past week about this very same thing and we both agreed that even when a phone gets lost, stolen or broken, we breath a little sigh of relief.. because we’re free! (until we need a new phone). But in all seriousness Facebook, Instagram, and similar sites are super addicting and I too have developed a muscle memory for tap tap tapping into these apps. I just feel like I always need to be doing something with my hand; it’s a nervous tick

  2. Nice job freeing yourself from the book! i tried but didn’t have much success. Last week i decided to deactivate it because,like you said, i spent way to much time on it. I only lasted like a couple hours (lol). Without even thinking i logged back on, completely forgetting that i had deactivated it. This post has inspired me to try again, or at least manage my time on Facebook better.

  3. You’re so right about the muscle memory of logging on in the morning in bed, on the bus, or in a boring conversation. I think its sort of ironic how the “social network” in some ways makes us less social…I would way rather check out my phone than actually talk to a real, live person at the bus stop. Its sort of bizarre that we think of facebook stalking from our iphones as normal but having conversations with our fellow students on the bus as taboo.

  4. I completely agree with this! I’ve tried to deactivate my facebook a few times and I never last! But its completely true, everyone’s first instinct when they wake up in the morning, or they’re sitting on the bus, or sitting in class before it starts they’re on their phones! Even when you look at the students walking to classes outside half the people aren’t even looking up! It almost becomes second nature.

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