Technology’s Impact on Children



Day to day we often don’t realize the impact technology has on children. Our children are exposed to violence through technology whether it is a video game, a movie, or simply commercials between television shows. Children exposed to media violence are proven to demonstrate violent ways of aggression in their adolescence. An article titled “Do Violent Video Games Lead Kids to be Violent in the Real World,” Amy Graff explored the reasoning behind the Newtown Connecticut shooting being that the 20-year-old shooter was obsessed with bloody violent video games such as Call of Duty 2.

Have you guys ever played these games, or even watched someone who was playing them? With technology improving so rapidly, these video games look almost real. These games also give children essentially the green light to shoot and kill on screen, giving them ideas of killing off the screen.

My 2-year-old nephew cannot even play video games yet but her knows how to make guns out of Legos. He also runs around the house pointing the Lego gun at us, making shooting sounds. Of course he’s too young to really understand the meaning of his actions, but we need to break him out that imitation phase.

Long story short, children imitate violence that they are exposed to which can possible lead them to violent actions in real life.

One thought on “Technology’s Impact on Children

  1. Interesting point. Games where simulated, realistic violence is often depicted usually stir up many controversies amongst adults, etc. Personally, I’m a gamer, myself, and while I would say most video-games have some form of violence as a focal gameplay mechanic, I do not think that the majority of gamers would not be so far from reality to assume that it is morally alright/easy to kill other human beings.

    In the case of the Connecticut shooter, while he did play the Call of Duty games like many other adolescents, unlike most of them, he was incredibly troubled and suffered from very severe social disorders. I think the strangest fact of the shooting was that his own mother introduced him to guns when he was still a small child.

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