Better phones, Lazier lives?

When scrolling through the technology section in Google news, I came across an article about the update on Apple’s iPhone 5s and Samsung’s Galaxy S4; these phones are coming out later this year and are expected to have high sales. This article caught my attention because of the continuous efforts in improving technology year after year. For example, the iPhone 5 is expected to have a fingerprint sensor for authentication purposes and a better camera that will include both white and yellow LEDs. The Galaxy S4 will also have an updated processor and camera. The newest feature will have an eye tracking that will allow readers to read on their smartphones without using their fingers to scroll. Meaning, when your eyes are at the bottom of the screen, the phone will scroll down for you to continue reading.

5s vs s4

The new features on these smartphones baffle me because of the idea that technology will forever be improving. Not only does technology improve social lives, but also the constant need to compete with other smartphones. There is a combination of drive for competition, but also a consumer’s desire for better technology. However, despite the fact that the phones are high tech, but should we question the motives of these companies to produce features that will improve lives or make individuals lazy?

The eye sensor feature is amazing in how technology has improved, but somehow there is a moment where we have to think to ourselves how this feature really benefits us? If you want to read on you smartphone while walking to your destination, but can’t scroll because your hands are full, well… then don’t walk while on your phone and pay attention to what is really in front of you.Even when you’re siting, what’s the harm in using your fingers to scroll. Many will disagree with me. I may be pessimistic about the advancement on this particular phone, but I want the competition between phones to be based on features that will actually be beneficial. For example, the iPhone 5s will have a fingerprint sensor that will actually prevent strangers from hacking into your phone. I am not being bias between the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4, but I just want to emphasize the fact that technology should have features that will also positively contribute to individual lives.

2 thoughts on “Better phones, Lazier lives?

  1. I like the point that you make in the last paragraph about making new technology that is actually useful and needed. Lots of times it seems that these companies are just making products with small inconsequential changes just for the sake of putting another product out there that will make a profit for them. But i wonder with regards to the finger print sensors..if apple will have that copyrighted like everything else? I mean this is more than just a design since today some of the most harm that can be done to person is over the internet with theft of personal information and money. The really government should regulate these companies in such a way that any aspect of a product that provides protection for the consumer is made a basic part of all smartphone/computer products…or something along those lines.

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