Are we really safe on the Web??

While cursing through the NY Times, an interesting article popped up about Web privacy. Somini Sengupta writes an interesting article titled, “Web Privacy Becomes a Business Imperative”.


This article caught the attention very quickly because with the advent of the Web it has become much harder to actually be really “safe” on the Web. It now becomes interesting as a way to attract the users and audience the different companies try to compete with each other in displaying how safe they try to be and be more privacy-friendly. Sengupta sites one example, “Mozilla, an underdog in the browser market, suggested last week that it would allow its users to disable third-party tracking software altogether.” In my view I feel that these companies are merely trying to attract more users by displaying how safe they portray themselves to be and to take advantage on rivaling with their opponents. Brendon Lynch, chief privacy officer at Microsoft, he said, ‘“It’s not just privacy advocates and regulators pushing,” Mr. Lynch said. “Increasingly, people are concerned more about privacy as technology intersects their life.”’ (Sengupta). In the recent decade, privacy has become the real issue. “In a national survey last year, Forrester Research found that one in three consumers were concerned about companies having access to their behavioral data. More than 40 percent said they had stopped short of completing a transaction on a Web site because of something they read in a privacy policy” (Sengupta).




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