Online Shopping is Too Easy

So as I was reading through the blog, a fellow student’s article on the power of retail therapy.  I too, am a firm believer of thinking that if I buy a new pair of shoes, a few sweaters and some jewelry all my life problems will be solved.  Until I look at my bank account… I completely agree that online shopping makes it SO much easier.  I can sit on my computer while in class, or on my phone on the bus and spend every dollar left to my name in just one click.  And now, there are websites and apps that make this even simpler.


This article explains to you a new website (and app) Wanelo, that is a new and upcoming online shopping business.  I’ve had the app now for a few months and have probably spent way too much time and money scrolling through the pages.  Basically Wanelo (comes from the phrase, Want Need Love) allows you to share items like articles of clothing, home furnishings, beauty and make-up products and accessories.  In a sense, it is sort of like a Pinterest page but the difference is that when you click on a product, it leads you directly to the page of where it can be purchased.  It lets you share items so that your friends and followers can see them, and share them as well.  A lot more brand names are being featured on the page such as Anthropologie, REI and TOMS among many others.

You can scroll through tumblr or lookbook or a lot of blog sites that feature these products but with no source of where they can be purchased.  I think it’s a really cool idea to have somewhere that pools all of these ideas together.  Why not be able to sit at your computer in the comfort of your own home to do some shopping.. and avoid all of those crowded malls and long lines at stores?  Online shopping, makes it so easy for us to get what we want at one click of the mouse.  It’s even easier nowadays with the technology of cellphones.  The majority of retail stores have their own apps where you can access online databases and things of that nature.  Even Amazon, eBay and these types of sites have options to “buy with one click.”  While this is all extremely convenient, sometimes nothing beats going to the mall and shopping through endless racks of clothes that you can see, try on and buy for yourself!


2 thoughts on “Online Shopping is Too Easy

  1. There are some good points made in this post, but at the same time with online shopping there are just more things available to us that honestly we could probably live without. With everyone getting whatever they want with the click of a bottom it is also easier to spend money than it might be when you go to mall and pay with actual cash. It becomes harder and harder to resist indulging in whatever we want for immediate gratification when the consequences of our actions are not immediately apparent.

  2. I think apps like this one is going to make people like me broke. I used to be an avid online shopper, but I had to force myself to stop because I was literally spending way more money than I had. It’s easy to get carried away with online shopping because you don’t realize how much you’re spending until it’s time to checkout. You order things that you think are awesome, but sometimes when they arrive in that awesome brown box at your door, you think “why the hell did I spend money on this?”. Personally, as stupid as this sounds, I think what’s addicting about online shopping is the rush you get when you order that cute purse or those pair of jeans you’ve been wanting. Websites like the one you discus sin your post not only gives you that rush, but makes obtaining it so much easier.

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