No Creativity?



From the Uncreative Writing article and another student’s article, the concept that it really seems like there is no creativity in the world has been discussed. Even Shakespeare is noted to have derived the ideas from many of his works from past sources, though that does not necessarily make him any less of a creative figure. His works were great because he took what he liked from the pre-existing stories and legends, and molded them into something he liked. Other great writers, musicians, and artists have done the same. Like the above image, it seems that “Everything is a remix.”

Uncreative Writing: Redefining Language and Authorship in the Digital Age was the article that caught my attention. I skimmed it briefly in class, then actually read the article when I got back from class. The article truly struck me. Kenneth Goldsmith’s views were basically the opposite of what we’ve been taught about throughout our high school careers. But truly, what he says makes so much sense, if one thinks abut it. With so much technology at our hands, and by extension, information, simply choosing what and how to use everything would be creative in itself. 

In the other student’s blog post, a TED Talk presenter, Kirby Ferguson, speaks about remixes. Essentially in the case of remixes and other creative forms of output, creativity primarily comes from using and shaping the original material of others to fit one’s own ideas. Ferguson says that basically that in regards to ideas, “our most celebrated creators borrow, steal, and transform.”

I somewhat agree with both views. Even when one thinks of a new idea, it isn’t always necessarily a brand new idea. There exists a possibility that whatever one has seen in passing has had an influence (even subconsciously) on a person’s thoughts or opinions. Even if something has not been done for a certain idea/concept, it probably has already been done for something else. Even in the case of creating something entirely new for yourself, there is a great possibility that you were influenced by other things you saw in passing, really liked them, and tried to create your own versions or spin-offs of  these things. I think that while there is such a thing as a completely unprecedented, brand new idea, it is much more difficult to lay claim to having one at this age due to our ability to share and communicate so many different ideas, words, and images worldwide because of the internet.

2 thoughts on “No Creativity?

  1. “It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin

  2. I do agree with you. Everything is somehow, however indirectly, influenced by something that was seen in passing; But , I think the idea of approaching things with respect for their roots, and adding a spin is in itself a great type of creativity that many people are incapable of. People try to take a legend or old story, for example, and mold it so much it’s unrecognizable which does ruin things, while others apply just enough of themselves and create wonderful new things.

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