ImageYOLO this, and YOLO that!  That is all I am hearing nowadays.  YOLO came to be thanks to the rapper Drake.  YOLO simply stands for, You Only Live Once.  I mean, we all know that we only live once, duh, but it’s about what you do with that one life you live.  YOLO has been used by anyone and everyone, but for what reasons?  You go to a party and see some drunk guy doing something utterly stupid and what does he scream before he proceeds, YOLO!  That’s what it is used for, an excuse to go and do something stupid.  I go onto FaceBook and see a status update from a high school friend that said, “Almost got pulled over today, got away from the cops; YOLO!” What is that about?  This person could of gotten into some serious trouble, but uses YOLO as an excuse.  When you think of YOLO think of doing something that actually matters in your life.  Make the one life you live count and do something great!  Be original and march to the beat of your own drum.  Don’t use YOLO as an excuse to do something idiotic, but use it more as a drive to make something of yourself!Image

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