Tech Withdrawals…

So a couple of weeks ago the computer that I’ve had since high school CRASHED HARD… all of my music, photos, documents… basically everything was gone.  It took about a day or so for reality to set in and when it occurred to me that NOTHING was going to be able to be salvaged, I quite literally broke down into tears.  All of the things I had spent years compiling onto my computer were no longer going to be directly at my fingertips.  But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?! I had done all the right things… always cleared my internet history and cache after every use… updated my software and scanned for viruses regularly… but clearly none of it mattered.  Of course, about a week later I got over it (slightly).  I had purchased a newer and better computer and was already getting used to its new features and apps.  However, in the days in-between I had been subject to what I can describe only as technology withdrawals… Yeah, I still had my iPhone, my TV, etc… but my laptop has literally been such a crucial part of my collegiate life.  Without it, I felt almost naked… but why? Why do we feel so damn bad when we lose or break something as truly unimportant as our computers or phones?  Have we really become so dependent upon them?



2 thoughts on “Tech Withdrawals…

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I lost my phone a few months ago and was SO upset. I lost so many pictures, videos, texts, even music that I had previously downloaded onto my phone from random apps I found. I got a new phone the next day, but it was still weird and really upsetting that I didn’t have my old phone with all the stuff I had on it. Sometimes I think it’s kind of sad how much we grow attached to our technology and what we store on our phones, computers, etc, but then again, it’s really not all that sad at all. I guess it’s kind of like if someone decided to burn our diary or an old photo album. Technology can be personal too, ya know!

  2. I’m sorry about that incident. Yes, we have become so reliant about technology to the extent that if some-days go by without making use of it we feel empty. It is just not you, but it has become a norm for many, not being able to live a single second without our technology. The one thing to note is that sometimes we need to make smart decisions of where we store our material.

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