purple clouds

Ever notice how much the sun glows when it’s setting? I’m staring out the window at the beautiful sunset here on Livingston Campus. The purple and blue clouds intertwine and divide against the gray ones. They make the sky look swirled as the sun shines through them all. Ever wonder how far away the clouds are? Sometimes they look so close, as if you could simply reach up to the sky and pull them even closer. Ever wonder how the clouds would feel if you could hold them in your hands? Would they dissolve through our palms splashing water everywhere? Or are they fluffy and made of cotton like the pictures we used to make in elementary school, using cotton balls as clouds?  Ever wonder what it would be like to jump from cloud to cloud? I always wanted to do it. Just to see how far I could go. Would I have the strength to bounce from here to there, then to over there and back? Or would I bounce and fall, without ever having the chance to bounce back?


One thought on “Sunset

  1. so simple, and so elegant. clouds are something we come across on most days, but like many other things we see regularly we don’t really take the time to appreciate their beauty, their origins, and the possibilities of their ever so pure existence. these pictures are also very visually pleasing, kudos.

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