let’s go shoppinggg!!! click, clack, click…

Whoa. After the academic week I’ve had I am in serious need of some retail therapy. Not like a one tee-shirt, one pair of pants spree; I’m talking about an all I can get for my low unemployed college student amount of money sale reconnaissance. But jeez, I still have a lot of work to do over the weekend; don’t really feel like taking buses, asking for a ride or even putting my face on for the outside world. I really had a strenuous week guys, don’t judge me. Thank goodness for the internet, the countdown for me to self destruct was halfway done, when I remembered I could make a purchase with just a few clicks. Not that I really need anything, but a world of products is just at my finger tips so might as well get those things I may just have the possibility of needing in a near future. I ended up with a couple pairs of shoes, coconut oil for my hair (?), two pairs of earrings (that I will never wear), and scarves! Because everybody needs those in the spring; that was the last click before I realized I still have to pay for a couple of books I forgot to return last semester, Oops.

I feel better now that I have purchased something. I doubt I am the only one who sees shopping as an outlet of stress, just like others may find eating, working out, or meditating to be most effective. As a member of the female race, shopping comes naturally to me; it’s all perfectly explained through evolution. We are gatherers, not hunters. Guys, how many times have you found yourselves sitting outside a store waiting for your significant other (friend, mom, etc…) to decide between the “marshmallow”, “eggshell”, “ricotta”, or “cotton” color dresses to find the one she thought looked best on her? (This item will spend 1.5 years sitting in her closet before she actually wears it). This is because whereas cavemen had to hunt whatever animal in order to provide food for his family, women had the job of going out into the world and carefully search for edible items to bring back to her clan. And so the wonderful relationship between gals and the best item to be found began. Thousands of years later we have cars to facilitate this traveling to and from the best places to find our items, but even better we now have the world wide web.

Our parents may have had the necessity of actually venturing out into the world to find items, but we have the incredible convenience of browsing tens of thousands of things from the comfort of our own homes, using nothing but our hands and fingers. We sign up for newsletters, memberships and coupons to ensure that we are getting the best deals for our money. We will search the same item on multiple sites ,again, to get the most bang for our buck. Flash sales, bidding, staying up all night to get that discount before the item sells out, yup, checked the boxes next to all three. There is definitely mixed opinions when it comes to the practice of online shopping, some people love how easy it is, but others say it is yet another experience which can be replaced by the internet instead of actually “living it”. Personally, I like the fact that if I need something, I don’t always need to spend time away from other tasks in order to shop for it. It’s definitely manageable, as long there is a healthy balance, like anything else internet related, between the internet activity and the amount of fresh air we consume. One does not want to get to the extreme that it becomes an addiction, where we spend all of our earnings on things that are just too easy to obtain, staying up all day and night browsing the web, as opposed to completing our day to day requirements. As for me, I didn’t break the bank and had enough time to finish writing a fe… $39.95, where’s my credit card?!


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