Auditory versus Visual

For the past week of working on my podcast project, a thought came to me about the topic of audio and how it pertains to individuals in relation to visual learners. People identify themselves as either auditory learners or visual learners. There is belief that there is a distinct difference between the two in which people tend to choose one from the other based on their experiences in school or from their work experience. I have often subjected myself in identifying myself as a visual learner. For example, in class I need professors to present pictures or videos in order for me to have a better understanding of the subject matter in class.

However, when reading the article “Think You’re An Auditory Or Visual Learner? Scientists Say It’s Unlikely,” I was surprised by the research that has been conducted in finding the difference between auditory learners and visual learners and how different teaching styles have affected students. In this article, psychologist, Dan Willingham at the University of Virginia, have found studies that there is no scientific evidence that supports that idea that auditory learning is better than the visual learning or vice versa. He says the learning process is more about the idea of how information is presented that will boost students’ attention; therefore, by maintaining students’ attention, they will learn better.


Now that I think about it, I identify myself as a visual learner because of the way the information is presented to me that grabs my attention. In my experience, audio has always been the weakest link making me pay more attention. Therefore, when referring to the Podcast Project, I had a difficult time in trying to think of ways that will make it interesting to my listeners. In relation to the new digital age, there is technology that enables audio to sound more interesting in ways that will make listeners want to listen. By mixing voice with music and sound effects, the podcast project turned into a fun project in how I can mix all these aspects that will make it worthy of listening – in trying to make it unique. In today’s society, technology has made it possible for not only for myself, but for other students for having more options in how to learn in classrooms.

2 thoughts on “Auditory versus Visual

  1. this is an interesting post. I think technology has made education more accessible to people but at the same time it is such a huge distraction for most students. People are less focused and now claim to need medications just to concentrate. I wish there was a way to take away technologies ability to distract, but it appears to be a inherent quality. This make me wonder under what conditions technology distracts and if there are times when it helps people focus or how it possibly could…

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