The Meme Museum

3t5chyDuring our discussion in class, the professor brought up this idea of if there would ever be a “Meme Museum” and if it would be able to replace traditional paint to canvas art. This led me to Google and I found this article. The author Kenneth Goldsmith provides his insight on the idea of memes and how at face value appear simple but when it comes to creating one it becomes much more harder. He sees these memes as subtle bits of poetic work and to some degree than can be argued. For those who use Reddit, memes flood the pages and subcategories. The art of a meme is something that the people of reddit use to express situations in their own lives or even for things that they find funny, frustrating or the whole span of human emotions. It has become part of this generations culture. I can guarantee that 95% of college students have observed some sort of internet meme at some point in their life and may even be able to identify it.


I am not advocating that memes are art but having a successful meme but they provide an insight that allows people to commentate on current events and even use humor to make a situation that is shocking a bit more bearable. They can be made just as fast as tweets and each meme can represent a different situation. Overall memes are not art but they are an expression of an individuals feelings, thoughts, and relationship to life and the complexities it bring along. I love memes and although they can be made poorly they all demonstrate someone trying to break tout of their mundane life and express how they feel.


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