Tumblr and SOPA

I have not logged into my Tumblr account in some time. (Mostly out of laziness, but I still frequent certain tags.) I was still pretty active, though, during the time the SOPA bill was in the process of being passed. Understandably, many Tumblr users (and countless others) were incredibly against the SOPA bill. Such an outrage was provoked, that on all of my favorite blog authors’ sites, numerous rebloggable posts showed up, all condemning SOPA. It didn’t matter what type of blog you had, what your interests and fandoms were, to Tumblr users everywhere, SOPA was a huge threat.


(source: http://youranonnews.tumblr.com/post/15783460213/stop-sopa-the-essentials-summary-and-bill-text)

Just what exactly would SOPA mean for Tumblr users (and every other internet frequenters, which are essentially, all of us)? You see, on Tumblr, one can find virtually anything, from fashion blogs, art appreciation/art blogs, and comic/video-game/movie/TV show/what have you blogs. What would happen? Unless something is your own original idea, it would be taken down. Any references to copyrighted material such as movies or TV shows would be considered for censorship.


(source: http://www.letthemhavepolish.com/2012/01/screw-sopa.html)

One thing that I really noticed was the indignation of Tumblr artists. That would most likely be on account of my love for art blogs. Now, you see, many Tumblr artists are inspired by their respective fandoms aka any books/people/TV shows/movies/video-games/etc. While they usually have their own unique, one-of-a-kind works and concepts, they love paying tribute to their favorite fandoms. They usually even mention what their fandom is, who the creator is, and any other information that would be helpful for other users to find out about that particular series, bringing further attention to said series.

To recap, luckily, it all turned out well in the end. Social media websites all collaborated with each other to raise awareness and pretty much defeat the rise of SOPA. Of course, when there are so many people whose lives pretty much revolve around the use and enjoyment of the internet, having any sort of constraint or restriction would seem unendurable slights to our internet freedom. In the face of such adversity, people work together to fight for their rights. Still, although the threat of SOPA seems long gone, there are always going to be more cases like this.    


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