How Social Media is Saving My Life

Normally when I think of how people use social media I think stalking people on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.  Basically my thoughts generally generate around social media not being something that is constructed in a way that it is live saving.  I always here the stories of how social media helped connect people who haven’t met in years or long lost high school sweethearts, but generally that is where it stops  The way social media is currently saving my life is something that I have never thought I would use it for.  That is talking to complete strangers that have one common characteristic and are in their 40’s and 50’s.  That may have sounded weird but the reason I’m contacting these people using social media is for an event I’m planning for graduate brothers of my fraternity.

My task is to plan a dinner and event so special that people who graduated before I was born would be so interested that they would pay money to attend.  That’s when social media came in.  I created a linkedin account years ago and never used it.  Never thought I really would because I never truly believed that social media was that effective.  I thought the site would be misused like another social media site with flash player games, but I was wrong.  I contacted one graduate.  He then gave me the information of another, and so and so on.  That led to over one hundred emails.  One graduate added me to a group with over a hundred more.  This website that I thought would not be effective created a whole new concept to social media to me.  Then this led to Facebook.  The site that I used for years and only has distracted me from school was even more helpful.

I learned that when these sites are used effectively, they can actually serve beyond its purpose.  This made me intrigued to look further how Facebook could be used in a positive method.  It led me to this, , this talked about how a college graduate with no experience was able to get a job for CNN as a voice actor just because of social networking.  One thing he did led to another, that led to another, and so on.

Then minutes later I came across this article which was a person being fired from their job because of actions posted on a social media site, .

It all came across to me that social media is what you make of it.  It has very enormous benefits that can change the way your life is in a heartbeat, but also has the power to make you be outcasted.  I only used social media before to be socially in touch with my friends in family, but this new experience opened the door to a benefit of things seen as no good such as Twitter and Facebook.


2 thoughts on “How Social Media is Saving My Life

  1. For Facebook, I guess you would just have to be careful of what you make available to the public. I guess you could even liken it to a weapon, it is either good or bad, depending on how you use it. Displaying statuses or photos that are nowhere close to incriminating in any way, shape, or form would be the smart thing to do. Making a lot of crude references to somewhat dubious, illicit events or experiences would most likely hinder you when looking for jobs. However, don’t most people make their accounts private, restricted to friends?

    The internet is endless, though, so I suppose like you said, how your social media sites reflect you is entirely up to you, the individual.

  2. For me, linked in is a site where my profile is all dressed up with no where to go 😦 i wish more people used it – I’m very glad to hear it worked out well for you.
    Much of social media is decorating ourselves in styalized ways – be it in a professional way for Linked in with only photos of you doing community service or dressed in suit & tie, or on facebook where all your photos create the superMe. Its all how you use it because it was designed that way – to help you manipulate what information goes up.

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