Adapting to Technological Changes

Rapid advancements in technology in the past 20 years or so have completely transformed our world into a digital one.  Some folks took the initiative to learn how to navigate their way through this new virtual world.  However, there are also many who have not because they either are living in denial about the level of impact that the Internet has on us today or they are stuck in the past and too stubborn to accept that they should change their ways or they simply do not know how to adapt.  Regardless of the reason, these people are missing out on ways that they can advance professionally because they are not taking full advantage of the resources that are right in front them and so easy to access.  Companies  now have a new method of getting word out about their product and are presented with novel ways of advertising. Writers can share samples of their writing with anyone who might be interested in reading it.  Up and coming artists and musicians have the ability to display their talent for the world to see and hear.  Even non profit organization have the capability to generate money and interest in their cause by reaching to others on the web.  Additionally, a tech savvy person is more likely to get a job than someone with the same qualifications but lacking experience with technology.  Most importantly though, people can grow professionally by CONNECTING and SHARING with others via the Internet.

The internet is here and it is here to stay even though some industries are being hurt by it.  However, why are these industries being crushed by the Internet? Because they are resisting the changes that are taking place instead of embracing, using, and profiting from them.  In the past, the media industry has attempted to thwart sharing of their content from taking place by limit the consumer’s use of technology.  First, it was by trying to make digital content that was unable to be copied, but that did not work out too well. In fact, it turned out to be quite impossible because the government did not allow the media companies to program their products to destroy other device purchased by the consumer such as VCRs.  Last year, it appears they tried to pass a bill in Congress that would censor sites by raising the cost associated with copyright material.  Thanks to the overwhelming reply for the public, this did not take place


 Ultimately, sharing of digital content has not stopped.  Maybe its time to look for a different approach…such as adapting to Internet and new technology the way the rest of society has?? Perhaps these companies can work on making their shows and movies better?  With the internet, people can watch any show at any time.  That is a lot of new competition for companies that are used to only worrying about making shows better than the few other programs that are on TV at the same time.  In past, even mediocre shows could make lots of money without too much trouble.  But why should the media companies be profiting off of mediocre material?  If their product is good enough, then the companies would not have to worry about illegal sharing of the material.  If it is recognized a masterpiece, people will recognize that and it will be timeless and make money regardless of the technology present.  I challenge the media industry to present more entertaining material rather than trying to establish laws that regulate and limit the freedom of consumers to share material.

The issue that the media companies have is also encountered by individuals on a smaller level as well. There are people who can’t get jobs because they posted something inappropriate online.  It was their personal content that was not meant to accessible to someone else, but it was shared anyways. In other words, everything is available to everyone.  There are others who have lost their jobs because that job no longer holds a valuable service in this digital age.  These people were not protected from the rapidly changing technology and widespread usage of the Internet, so why should the media companies be protected? Because they have more money than that one individual? Is that just?


One thought on “Adapting to Technological Changes

  1. You know how our parents are adjusting to the new technology, and sometimes we have to show them how to work things? In 20 years, that will be us, and our kids will be teaching us how to use the newer updated technology.

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