The Impact of Bullies: Spread the Word.


Bullying is one of the biggest forms of abuse that society faces today. Some may see it as a single name call or brush it off as if it is no big deal, but the response from each threat can be a bigger situation than ever imagined. The true definition of bullying is repeated, aggressive behavior towards someone that involves unwanted, negative action and an imbalance of power or strength. Bullies themselves, may have been made fun of in the past, as psychologists believe that they have low self-esteem, and as a result put down other people to feel better about themselves. This is a problem that persists starting at young ages, which can involve pushing, name-calling, stealing, etc and should be prevented more by our peers. Bullying is impacting many people in the world today and NEEDS to be put to an end.

There are many types of bullying that millions of innocent kids have experienced or witnessed. But have we done anything about it? Do we realize how bad the victim is hurting? It takes confidence to stand up to a bully, and we all need to gain some in order to prevent this.

Bullies just act on instinct. They find a weakness in their victim and take advantage of it. You may wonder why people would just upset someone they do not know, but researchers believe that bullies that come from rough backgrounds or were experienced to violence at a young age, do it to deal with their own emotions.

With technology advancing so rapidly, it is much easier for bullies to get ahold of their victims whenever they please. Cyber bullying is on the rise as kids are now given iPhones, laptops, iPads for their sixth birthday. Yes, sixth birthday! Just when we thought bullying couldn’t get any worse, it’s now starting at an even earlier age. Kids belong to every social networking site that there is, only making them more immune to this hateful act. When people post stuff on these sites, they don’t realize how hurtful their words really are, only leaving one to suffer, often alone. So many people are committing suicide over such unnecessary acts, which were not as common in our parents generation. What does this say about the direction our society and generation are headed?

Prevention can happen everywhere. If each and every one of us do our part to spread the word about standing up to bullies, the suicidal rate could drastically decrease. Many of us may think that doing our part still could not add up to the excessive amount of harassment that goes on inside and out of our school, but if we all help together than change can occur. A big way to help is to first spread awareness of the bad effects resulting from bullying and to teach people to build the confidence and strength they need to fight it and realize that no one should ever think they are better than you and me.


One thought on “The Impact of Bullies: Spread the Word.

  1. The internet has sped up growing-up.Sites like Facebook, at the hands of younger kids who are shaping their image, propels the process of defining yourself at a rapid pace. Bullying then can be a result of a kid whose fully aware that his actions are being publicy judged – unfortunately this makes it impossible for those bullied at school to ever escape from taunting. Its a sensitive topic for me because my cousin has fallen prey to cyber bullying.

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