Social Media Networks are Distracting Students

Internet has become a very vital source of dimension in people’s lives. Though people are able to use this technology to their advantage with researching and navigating the web to find resources, it also has become a distraction for many. The internet has changed the perception of many with the introduction of “social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, World of Warcraft, Second Life, LinkedIn, Flickr and so on. There are approximately 845 million users on Facebook, 462 Twitter users, 135 million users on LinkedIn, and 50 million users on Flickr. These numbers gives us an idea of just how many people around the world are involved in social media. From the numbers mentioned it is clear to see that the most popular social media network with over 845 million users is Facebook, most of whose users are students. “ (paton). We can clearly see the amounts of users and can clearly imagine the amounts of time these distractors have influenced us. The author mentions that people have become so immune to these forms of entertainment in the sense that even in classes students are on their laptop or smartphones cruising through and enjoying their entertainment. These forms of social media instead of moving us towards a more productive society is actually hindering us as people dedicate much of their time towards these entertainments and gradually wasting their lives in this fashion. The author brings up the good point about addiction when she writes, “They usually say ‘give me 5 minutes to check my Facebook’. The 5 minutes turns into 20 minutes and that turns into 40. People are so focused on checking social media that they are wasting their life sitting at computer or looking down at a screen, letting their lives stop just so they can scroll through other peoples’ lives”. We can see how gradually people’s lifestyles change and how much attached they become to these social media. This also becomes the reason for us neglecting our duties towards ourselves, our families and towards even our studies. When a person tends to multitask in classes, it becomes obvious that his prime concern is the social media not the teacher talking. At the same time, if these forms of entertainment are used as a means of a learning experience than I think it becomes justified. We must realize that if a student wants a bright future for himself, he needs to be mature and differentiate and be able to use his time efficiently. Another interesting point the author mentions is that, “With 845 million users, Facebook is starting to have negative impacts on student grades and their educational performances. It is quite clear that many students are not able to cognitively control their absorption of Facebook and it is affecting their personality and studying habits.” Thus, it gradually becomes a source of negativity for the student. 


  1. I agree that Social networking sites may pose a distraction to a good number of people, but they are not at fault. Before this it was tv, and something before that. Those who do not want to pay attention won’t, and it is not the fault of the thing distracting them, in my opinion.

  2. All that is mentioned here is pretty true. Personally, I do not use my Facebook account all that much because I find it tedious. However, I still find myself browsing the web, regardless. Although I am not really an avid user to social networking sites, I see that many of my friends fall victim to Facebook. I do not think that it is only the fault of social networking sites. As mentioned previously, I still spend a significant time on the internet, even with the absence of using sites like Facebook or Twitter (I don’t even have a Twitter account!). There seems to be so many websites that cater to people’s interests and passions.

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