“A Modest Proposal on Gun Violence in Our Schools”


While I am completely aware that there is a growing problem with gun violence striking across our country in past years, after reading the article, “A Modest Proposal on Gun Violence in Our Schools,” I was completely shocked and confused.  Is this guy seriously proposing to hand out weapons to small children?  Is this completely fictional?  Or am I missing something.. It makes me wonder if this was all just supposed to be comical or something of that sort; or if it was to get a rise out of people and bring up a debate.  In my opinion it is a completely ludicrous idea to think that a child as young as a kindergartener has the mental capacity, maturity and developmental skills to learn how to use a gun never mind safely or correctly and what they would do if they were put in a situation where they would actually have to use it to defend themselves.

Through out the article, the author proposes that like we require testing in various subjects and vaccines to attend school, a student would have to learn a set of specific skills in firearms in order to go on to the next grade.  I’ve been shooting numerous times, and it took me awhile to get the hang of everything.  To think that kind of responsibility could be put in the hands of a child is crazy.  One thing I thought of during this article was how there are millions upon millions of people that do studies on how violent video games, unrestricted internet access and things of that nature lead to violent behavior.  How does this man think that giving a kid a gun will help in any of that?

One idea I do slightly agree with on some levels is the proposal to have teachers armed.  My mom is a teacher so I know the background checks and interviewing process she had to through, but it would have to be a million times stricter with firearms on the table.  Maybe an idea would to be have trained, armed police officers on site at the schools.  I know in the wake of the last school shooting in Newtown, there were several stories featured across the country where fathers of students who were military officers, police or had law enforcement background stood guard in front of the schools.  When they were asked why they were doing it, they all replied that they were doing it to make the kids feel safe again.  To such a young mind that can’t comprehend such a tragedy, our job is not to place such responsibility in their hands as giving them a firearm, but by figuring out a way to give them a safe and healthy learning environment.


One thought on ““A Modest Proposal on Gun Violence in Our Schools”

  1. Don’t worry, the whole piece is satyr. The title “A Modest Proposal” is referencing a story by the same title written by Jonathan Swift in 1700’s. Swift’s “modest proposal” was to start killing and eating babies as a means of dealing with overpopulation. Its supposed to be so ridiculous that anyone can tell its a joke, but I don’t think the author of the gun control piece went as far. Maybe he did. Either way I think its a sign of the times that someone can publish an article about arming kindergarteners and multiple college readers can’t totally tell his stance. What should sound crazy just sort of sounds like a Fox news report.

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