Why is Wikipedia Still Discriminated Against?


Wikipedia is the most impressive site on the internet, and no this is not debatable.  Wikipedia started as just a small encyclopedia with one main goal, to become as established as Britannica.  In ten years Wikipedia has not only met this goal, but has surpassed it.  In 2010 a study was conducted to check the validity of the same post in Britannica, and Wikipedia on a difficult science topic.  At the end of the study Britannica was found to contain around 20 mistakes per post where Wikipedia only had about 15.

So after all this, WHY IS WIKIPEDIA STILL DISCRIMINATED AGAINST?!?!  I can’t even begin to count how many times I have been told by a teacher or professor that I can’t use Wikipedia.  This is complete crap!  Why is it ok to use any other encyclopedia in the world but the one that is the best, most complete, most accurate, and has the most posts not allowed?!

The average encyclopedia is pretty complete but it has one major flaw… Almost the second it is released, it is already obsolete.  Wikipedia is constantly updated and can even be edited by users for more information.  This is where I think we run into why everyone is scared about Wikipedia… Because anyone can edit it.  Whenever a student asks why Wikipedia can’t be used for a class it is always because posts can be edited by anyone.

This just shows pure ignorance and stupidity on the part of teachers.  Yes Wikipedia technically can be edited by anyone but anyone who has tried to edit a post or knows anything about Wikipedia knows this is no easy feat.  Editing a post goes through an entire review process, and even when a post is edited there is a banner put on the top of every page letting other visiter know that the page may not be up to Wikipedia standards.  Therefore everyone knows when a page has been updated and has information on it that may not be correct.

So with all of this information, why is Wikipedia still frowned open?  Why do professors and teachers go out of their way to say that Wikipedia may not be used, even though every student uses it anyway to supplement their research.  Seriously though, stop discriminating against Wikipedia, I am sick and tired of it, and one of the greatest websites on the should be able to be used for what it was designed for.

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