Media’s Impact on Children

The internet and the realm of technology today has changed everything about children and how they live. With the rising responsibilities of parents, both of them working in the the last decades have been increasing, parents chose the television as a baby sitter for children and in order to give them something that children want . This also makes up for the time that these parents were unable to give to their children their time, so they buy them whatever they want. However, with the children’s exposure to the media on television, it leads to other media outlets also.Children are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of advertisements telling them what is “cool” and what is the newest toy on the market. The newest advertised toy for 1996 was Elmo. The toy was released for the Christmas but the company only manufactured a certain amount so that not everyone was able to have it. Kids all over america were going crazy over this toy and its demand was higher than any other toy that year. Parents were fighting over the toy and its price was more than tripled in stores. This is the power that a child can have over their parents due to an affect of the media on children

Children are under brutal experiments to find out what interests them or not, using study groups and study sessions to find out what children are into. This field of advertising on different media outlets is driven by the profit of the advertisers is cruel and sneaky. It is so subtle in a way that one feels that he or she are interested in the sole toy because the child chose it, not because the advertisers told the child to. Technology is also used today by advertisers to have “shopping blogs” online and have them have reviews from different stores online and putting videos on youtube as a review for the products. They review whatever they think is good and tell the viewers that are watching the video, usually teens and tweens about the products that they are suing. Since the video is by teens for teens, it is almost concealed in a friendly like way, using this new technology. However, the producers of the video were then forced to say that the stores were sponsors of the products. Not only that, advertisers build a world online where entrance to it is exclusive, using the technology of clicks and going from the medium of television to the medium of the internet. Children or the consumer has to buy a certain product that has a certain code, which allows the child to have more points and better quality to the game that is exclusive to the buyers. This is seen through Neo Pets websites. Not only that, but the fact that the technology has changed the childhood of many of the kids around america.

Children are no longer exposed to things that the parents want them to, even if they have restrictive internet settings. They can access any website they want through their smart phones. This is an environment that is opened to them from around the world. Children use this to discover things that they want to, and things that they also do not want to. They now have social networking websites like any other adult, like Facebook and Twitter. They use these social networking websites for socializing and entertainment, but they are also used as advertising targets like adults are on Facebook.

This graph shows how immersed in media children have become by spending hours with media even under the age of 6.

In addition to everything mentioned above, through the media outlets children are taught how to nag their parents for these new toys and how to get them. In today’s world children are no longer wishing to be doctors, or astronauts, but they wish to be rich. They have learned that with money they can have anything, they just want.


One thought on “Media’s Impact on Children

  1. Yes, That is correct. The Youths are exposed to many things on the media which are inappropriate and its the parent’s responsibility to avoid them. If a young child is exposed to these violence, and other stuff at an young age, the child will be more accustomed to those behaviors as he matures. Studies have shown this to be true. At the same time, when a child is given the net with out proper monitoring, he will be exposed to things which will change his perception of the environment around him.

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