So Far but So Close

Touching back on alcoholism becoming such a prevalent factor in our teenage lives. We may not notice it until we have submersed ourselves in the culture of being a college student and wasting our livers away one shot at a time.

So far away but so close to the edge.

Some of us jump over, falling for the mechanism of Bacardi calling our names, Jack wanting to climb into bed, while beer batters our bellies.

The generation we live in is corrupted in my eyes, and only seems to be getting worse as time goes on. Babies are having babies, kids are beginning their attack and abuse on substances at an earlier age than ever before, 12-year-olds are getting tattoos, and teenagers are murdering. This generation itself seems to be self destructing, not even only through alcoholism itself.

We are so far away from what is the right thing to be doing, what is the right thing to be focusing on, what is the right thing to be learning. Yet we are so close to fitting in with the stupidity that grasps our generation in its kung-fu grip.


We have young men looking up to rappers, publicizing selling dope, carrying guns, and rapping about murdering. EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A DOPE-BOY! Sex, Drugs, and Money is what our generation strives for.

Young women looking up to SLORES with money getting paid to fuck for a quick buck. Young females obsessing over being a “bad bitch” portraying themselves as sex symbols where big boobs and fat asses is what they think a “bad bitch” is. In reality, undermining females wanting to be bad bitches for lack of a better term: a bad female is an educated woman whose graduated high school and college, and has her own and is capable of taking care of herself. But we’re in the generation striving for Sex, Money, and Materialistic things without substance.

So we are so far away from being what is right, and so close to being whats wrong.

2 thoughts on “So Far but So Close

  1. I think that a lot of what the generation of today does and how they behave has to do with the media and the impact that it has had on their young minds when they cant really tell the difference between right and wrong. Since the younger generation is then one that has adapted to using the internet due to the fact that they grew up with it, they are constantly surrounded by songs, movies, and shows with inappropriate content that they would not have had access to normally. Most adults can hear a song about guns and gangs without wanting to change their lifestyle to reflect that song…but young kids are influenced much more easily. As great as easy access at the click of a bottom is, it might also be one of the shortcomings of the internet because perhaps is too accessible since the audience can’t be limited or restricted to certain groups or people?

  2. I agree with @amanie91 comment because the media literally does control society today. Everything we watch and engage in is affected and controlled by the media. The news reports whatever it wants and exaggerates stories as well so even if we think we are getting straight “facts” it is all part of the media to sensationalize whatever is going on within society. When little kids play video games that involve shooting people and stealing cars and think it is so “cool” it changes their outlook on the real world and often times they perceive the world as what they see through video games and TV shows. That doesn’t mean that everyone who plays these games are going to go out and reenact what they play but subconsciously it will have an effect on these kids. I believe that there needs to be a limit on what kids see, play, and hear but I don’t really see an end in sight when it comes to this because of how submerged we are in technology and the media.

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