Cyber Bullying


Last class we talked about the usage of the internet and why some people are uncomfortable with it. One of the biggest negative things that has come up in recent years has been cyber bullying. We touched on this a little in class but I wanted to talk about it a little more because it is a subject that I feel very strongly about. In recent years this has become a hot topic with the internet and technology becoming such a prominent factor in most people’s lives. The youths seem to be the biggest users of technology. I am only 22 but I look at my 12 years old brother and see the way the kids his age always have something technological practically glued to their hands. They have cell phones, iPods, ipads, computers, and many other devices. It was only ten years ago when I was their age and there were very few kids who had cell phones let alone all those other devices and it seems like the ages of kids getting their hands on technological devices is getting younger. I recently worked at a day camp during last summer and the campers ranged from ages six to fourteen. There was this six years old little boy who had not only an iPod but his very own laptop. He was six! I could not believe it when I found this out. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was sixteen and my first laptop until I started college, which I bought myself. I also didn’t get an iPod until I was in college because I had to save up for it in order to buy it myself. With technology so readily available to kids these days, they have begun using them in inappropriate ways.


Social media has become one of the biggest crazes that people have ever seen or endured. It serves its purposes in many ways but people have found ways to use it in negative ways. In recent years cyber bullying has become a really big problem with our youth. Don’t get me wrong there are adults who use social media and technology for the same reasons but I think it is more predominant with the youth. When our parents, grandparents, and even people around my age were younger and going through primary and secondary school, cyber bullying was either non-existent or very rare. Bullying although, was not as unheard of. Personal bullying has always been a problem for any generation. But now it has gone from personal face to face bullying to kids sitting behind their computers and cellphones bullying other kids from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Kids used to be able to escape bullies when they were at home now we have these bullies coming through our homes virally. Bullies have found a way to attack kids in all aspects of their lives. This unfortunately leads to a lot of innocent kids taking their own lives because they feel like they have no other way out of these situations.cyber-bullying-tips

I feel thay it is the responsiblity of the parents, teachers, guardians, and any other bystander to make changes. They must teach and show the bullies that bullying is absolutely not acceptable and that it will not be tolerated. They also need to let the kids being bullied know that there is always a way out other than taking their own lives. Suicide should never be an option. There are so many programs, websites, and even laws that assist the bullied kids get help and also allow others to be the helpers. I think these resources should be taken at full advantage.


One thought on “Cyber Bullying

  1. I didn’t even read this before I just did my recent post but I did it on basically the same thing. I just lost my cousin last week to cyber bullying and it really hit me hard at how badly social media is taking over our society. I also have a younger sibling and I see how constantly connected she is to the outside world. When she comes home from school she immediately is ichatting with her friends or on her cell phone – I actually never ever see a time where she doesn’t have her iPhone in hand. Although suicide should never be an option – because of how technology is really just taking over the world and how everyone feels there is no way out of being constantly connected – it has become the option for teenagers and young adults. There isn’t an “off” button with social media to just close it out of your mind. The social media craze can seriously hurt our society and all of the people in our generation and for our siblings generation because this is all they know. Starting at a young age, this will just become a regular part of their world. We weren’t introduced to the social media and cell phone craze until we were at least in high school but for many kids today it starts as young as second and third grade. It really makes me scared to know what the future brings with all the new media outlets we have in our society today.

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