Is Facebook, really, a distraction?

There is a distinct argument of whether or not Facebook is a distraction to the 1 billion users worldwide. Because of the high usage of this social networking site, the terms, “facebookers” and “facebooking” have come about in the effect that Facebook has engrossed users to be active members in connecting with other people. There is a concern that too many people are captivated by the social networking site because of the easy access to the personal lives of friends, or in some cases, “friends.” However, despite the constant need for people to stay connected, the real concern is whether or not Facebook is a distraction to everyone’s daily lives.

From what I see around campus, the majority of students are logged onto Facebook from their laptops, smartphones, or the computers at the computer lab. The idea that Facebook is considered a distraction is because Facebook allows people to escape the real world and enter into a cyber-world where they have the easy access to socialize with people on the web. There is an obsession of staying connected with friends because of the numerous photos that people are tagged in or the quirky statuses that are posted on one’s wall. The obsession goes as deep as to having four hundred and something friends, in which all these people aren’t even considered friends. It’s the idea of just staying connected and having a network that spans to regions that doesn’t even pertain to one individual.  People want to have the ability that they can be in a world where they’re able to socialize with everyone through this mechanism.

But because of this idea, does this consider Facebook to be a distraction that causes individuals to exclude the outside world? In my opinion, Facebook is not the only mechanism that inhibits people’s ability to focus on main tasks. Before the age of Facebook, there were numerous things that were considered distractions, such as television, sports, hobbies, video games, and etc. For example, when a student is not logged onto Facebook, the television is turned on because of the need to distract oneself from doing homework. I think television is just as significant as Facebook because they serve the same purpose. There are so many other factors that contribute to misguiding oneself from doing the necessary tasks, and in this case, studying and doing homework for class. Facebook is taken into account that there is a new age of technology, aka the digital age, that enables Facebook to be the primary factor of distracting people because of its efficiency that allows people to log on from anywhere they choose. Sooner or later, Facebook will no longer be the topic of discussion. There will always be a new age where one is “distracted” because it’s a never ending cycle of whether or not we can come to terms in how people run their daily lives.


One thought on “Is Facebook, really, a distraction?

  1. Facebook is definitely a distraction as well as an obsession for college students. During class majority of the students who bring their laptop to class are logged into Facebook, whether they are browsing on the site or not. Personally I do not bring my laptop to my classes because having a computer and internet in front of me while my professors are lecturing is distracting. The rare occasions i do bring my laptop to class, I find myself browsing Facebook, more than I browse Facebook when I am in my dorm.

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