Death of News Paper’s and Its Effects

 One of the oldest media forms is newspapers, which is disappearing quickly due to many other forms of media rising with higher technology that is easily accessible and available to the public. The problem that we are facing today is not a problem of replacing an old media form with a better one , like in the case of cd players and cassette players replaced by mp3 players and itunes, but it is a problem of the level of authenticity of the actual content that is being produced and projected to the public. Newspapers today are becoming less common because of the newer forms of media such as twitter, blogs, and websites. Some might even argue that the journalistic affect that was left on the public because of the newspapers,like the habit of reading the newspaper everyday and making it the primary source of information, is gone or replaced by the many sources of news from the internet. The affect of the new replacements of newspapers is tremendous. It is scary thinking that the actual outcome of such a replacement means that the validity of the information is even in more jeopardy. The public is given so much information from different sources all at the same time in such a short amount of time that it becomes hard to pick and choose which source is more accurate. Not being able to choose which side to believe or trust is also becoming a problem, not because of the accuracy of the content, but also the source’s opinion that is being projected to the audience while giving the information.
In the past newspapers were given a certain amount of time to fact check, make sure everything is correct, and then publish the story or information. Today, all of the steps that make a news article or a newspaper valid are hard to compete with the fast and ever changing times of the internet. It takes one tweet or even one comment from a person who is popular enough or has enough followers on twitter to change the price of the stock market, just like 50 cent did when he endorsed the stock market that he had shares in by simply tweeting to his followers to buy that certain stock. 50 cent is not a journalist, or is known to be anything than simply an artist, but this shows how when people have enough followers or even are just famous for something as simple as being a rapper,people automatically bought stocks and listened to him. This is an example of the crisis that we are facing today, that anyone can simply project their ideas and opinions combined with twisting simple facts and making it seem like the way they want it to. Another even more bizarre example that led to the forced resignation of the Shirely Sherrod, the State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture for the state of Georgia, after blogger Andrew Breibart and later Fox news posted targeted parts of her speech containing forms of racism to the NAACPA. In her speech Sherrod was actually posing a struggle she faced and in the end choosing to help out white farmers to save their land. This is damaging on many levels, not only did it cause her to forcefully resign, but others who watch only this news source will believe Fox news.

Average Americans do not have time nor the interest to search a topic millions of times to know the truth behind it. People have the belief that journalism is supposed to help the citizen and give out information. I for example thought that the news just gives information without it having to pick and choose sides, till I took journalism and media courses at Rutgers. It is easy to fall for the “trap” that some news sources give the public. If one sees it on the news sometimes they think its completely true, feeling that there is no way it will be on the television unless its true. However the affect that this has left people with is to either take in the information as it is passively, or become an active citizen and try to figure out the real news, which takes a lot more work. This is tragic since it leaves people with two results that are complete opposites.
Do you believe that newspapers should be dead by now? Do you agree with the artist that posted this photo with the tree mocking newspapers? Do you find more positives than negatives to not have newspapers any longer?

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