And Now We Turn to Blogging

And Now We Turn to Blogging

In this era, blogging has become very popular. Many of us resort to Blogging as a means of education and an entertainment. At the same time, for many of us, it has become a social norm. Delving into Blogging, though there are many pros there can be some elements that are lacking. One study revels that people tend to choose Blogging, for what best fits their personal interest and a number of other blogs are left unattended.

“A recent BuzzLogic-sponsored study revealed that the number of those who read blogs at least once a month has grown 300% in the past four years, and what they read strongly influences their purchase decisions, playing a key role in moving them to the point of actual purchase.” (Peacock).

We can also see that if the blogs are informative and tend to be attractive, the audience are not motivated by them and tend to skim through them. Another key element, many bloggers forget or are careless about is the punctuation and grammar. These issues many tend to ignore, trying to make their blogs creative and attractive.

“A survey run by a crowd sourced copy editing service called GooseGrade concluded that spelling, grammar and factual errors have a material impact on the success of a blogger, so much so that approximately 200 respondents told GooseGrade that “while blogs aren’t a major source of news for most of them, they often find errors on blogs and that makes them less likely to share the content they find there with other readers.” (Peacock)

When I explored this subject a little further, I discovered an Article, “Warning: Your Grammar Mistakes are killing your Traffic”. The author described that as long as the content is smooth, the audience will have no problem getting through. “When the road gets rocky, forget it. And a truckload of mistakes sends readers skidding into a sinkhole that swallows them whole. And they never come back…Picture it…They’re cruising along getting images, plans, and ideas in their heads as they absorb your message. Suddenly—BAM. A word or a sentence doesn’t make sense.” (Writedown). The author describes that if your blog has many mistakes the readers might resort to skipping through your article because the main thing is the writing. The author goes on to make a drastic remark saying, “Bad grammar tells readers your road isn’t safe and you can’t be trusted”. Another key point the author mentions is that, “Bad grammar tells readers your road isn’t safe and you can’t be trusted. Every language has grammar”. Grammar is a fundamental concept which many bloggers tend to ignore and because of that, many of their blogs lack credibility.






One thought on “And Now We Turn to Blogging

  1. This was a really great post. we discussed in class about the impact of blogs on people’s lives in class, but we never talked about what makes a blog good. I wonder if there are other important points that are essential to having a successful blog. When powerpoint first came out, people made presentations with small unreadable words, crazy animations, and a little too colorful. Now there is an art to doing presentations …almost like a formula that includes have only a certain number of bullet points per slide, calming background colors like blue and green, certain sizes for the font depending on the size of the audience. I wonder if in a couple of years if not already, there are certain guidelines that people should follow when starting and or maintaining a blog.

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