the love drug

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, thought i’d share a piece I recently found. It’s dated 12/3/09.

Love is a drug. My love drug…

Is you. You feed my addiction constant confliction between you and…. My love drug my love bug I love to bug you. Something about it not to be doubted… its you I’m addicted to, I couldn’t even fight it even if I wanted too…my love drug you sit so high above my other additions. My love for you is fueled and satisfied with simply, You. Too much of you is like getting the flu, boy you make me sick. Your slick words, the way your body curves… around me of course. I loves the love drug so I loves to love you. A concrete prisoner to your love. Un-died with lust, devouring my emotions. Raw relations dazzled through my imagination. Sick. A passionate fever. What I desire. What I admire. The way we perspire…perfume so sweet. Highed up on a cloud I squirm and picture the burn, cut stemming deep. The rhythms of your heart I feel the defeat.

229_originallove drug 2


My drug and I loved it. Struggling though this addiction. You destroyed the love I LOVED to love you. My mind races and paces I’m beginning to sober up, coming down from your high I opened my eyes…. That’s when I faced my addiction realizing for sure my addiction was you. Its almost like I always knew, I mean I had a clue but now my addiction is what I thought it was to be… surely its you. Blame contradiction…the pain you caused: Infliction. I overdosed on your love like it was a prescription. My love drug drugged me and had me lost as I surrendered to his addiction. Left with nothing I caused my own pain, self-infliction. The love drug I once loved to love I love to hate. Infuriated my mind blows up, hot and heavy ready to explode. The burst of flames firing in my eyes, not believing how much I compromised surrendering to this plan you probably devised…

To be continued…


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