What’s wrong with how we use Youtube?

For a database such as Youtube, how can one possibly even begin to define what its “proper usage” really is? Yes, we’ve all come across the seemingly ridiculous and outrageous videos that portray users playing horrible pranks on their friends, and others of the like. Yet the amount of knowledge I have attained from Youtube alone is astounding.

I’ve learned how to do my make up and hair in different ways, how to dance salsa, merengue, and tango… watched documentaries on the Vietnam War and Woodstock… I’ve even watched home movies of family vacations that my uncle posted on the site.

The only word I could really use to describe Youtube is LIMITLESS. There is probably almost nothing that you couldn’t find on it, whether you’re looking to score dating tips and suggestions… or even looking for the perfect desert to make for Super Bowl Sunday! So if someone wants to post a video of themselves doing seemingly immature stuff… just Youtube something else if you don’t want to watch!


6 thoughts on “What’s wrong with how we use Youtube?

  1. Your definition of YouTube is perfect.. “limitless”. That is so true. The topics that people post on this site vary from all kinds of things. Also, the amount of things one can watch are truly limitless as well. However, YouTube used to get in trouble a lot with its users posting copyrighted material such as TV shows, movies, etc. So I guess somethings like that cannot be posted for obvious reasons. Otherwise, the ideas that people come up with on YouTube is great. There are countless “classic” videos to make one laugh. There are so many music videos, informative videos, and creative ones. Like you say, it’s limitless

  2. I can’t imagine not having Youtube, simply for the amazing tutorials people make, as you said. You can learn to do anything. I’ve learned to sew sleeves properly when making clothes, how to apply makeup, tricks and tips with hair dye and even came across a few foreign language-teaching videos. This site is beautiful in that it can save you so much money in classes, on top of teaching you things you couldn’t have learned in any class.

  3. I definitely agree with you as well as the above poster. The idea that Youtube is “limitless” in regards of what kind of videos people post or what kind of videos people watch is so true. Personally, I go to Youtube for pretty much anything. Whether I’m looking for product reviews, tutorials, recipes, tips, tricks, comedy, entertainment, trailers, whatever….Youtube really does have it all.

  4. Youtube was also one of the first places I really saw my teachers bringing the internet into the classroom. In high school, teacher would ask us to post videos to Youtube even when they were still vehemently warning us about using the internet for research. Youtube is so great in part because its so accessible. Its easy to use, pretty well regulated so there isn’t too much offensive content, and hosts such a variety of users that its able to reach any target audience I can imagine.

  5. Youtube, has both the pros and the cons and it all depends on the users. People go on youtube and spend hours not benefiting from anything but at the same time, it can be a tool for productivity for others and become a learning experience. Youtube defiantly is a great aid in me being able to cope with different aspects on my studies. The amazing quality of it is being able to share personal views and ideas with others not solely by words.

  6. “The worldwide shift towards individualized societies has particular consequences for the way people relate to each other.” (Deuze 2007:5)

    I wrote a paper on the problematic nature of Youtube, how it enforces us learning through personalized information spaces. If anyone wants to check it out I can send it to them. Its about Hipster Satire on Youtube and how it not only allows for the definition of other people because of superficial similarities but how it necessitates it.

    I’m not saying that Youtube is a technologically determining force, but there is possibility of technological determinism on community offline, depending on how YouTube community standards are used and abused.

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