Imagine if Youtube is Stopped For you?

As I cruised through the net, it was interesting the discover how nations are trying limit the use of digital influence on its citizens. We as citizens are so much engrossed in the effect of technology, especially in the more devolved nations, yet we don’t tend to value much from this asset. One instance was in Pakistan, where the government tried to limit the use of digital technology such as Youtube and Twitter. In U.S.A and Europe especially, the citizens are so accustomed to these forms of entertainment and social media. At the same time, the internet has contributed to a wide scale globalization whereby many generations are influenced much with it especially the younger generation. The cons of these types of media are many as well.  Since it tends to shift the minds of the youth and since not much of the content are restricted, the youths have an easy access to the material available. In the end, the article depicts, “The minister said that the decision to revoke the ban on YouTube and Twitter was being taken due to huge public demand”. Thus, we can see that these types of media have become a social norm for many other nations and are very vital as a source of entertainments.




Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf had in mid-September directed authorities to block YouTube for hosting “blasphemous material”, including clips from the movie ‘Innocence Of Muslims’.

The film triggered violent protests by right wing groups across Pakistan and the government itself sanctioned a day of protests on September 21, which was observed as “Love the Prophet Day”.

Twenty-three people were killed and property worth billions of rupees was destroyed during these protests.” (PTI)

The author afterwards criticizes the government stating “This is purely a naked power play by the government and one that we should resist. This is about controlling our behavior and denying us access to the internet.” We can see that the impact of denying internet to its citizens can be horrendous and that everything on the internet cannot be censored. “The editorial said the government should realise that it is not possible to censor the internet “the way that governments used to censor media in the print age.” (PTI)



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