Aside: The Apocalypse of Higher Education?

If we just stop and thought for a moment just how much our educational experience has changed from since grade school, it would not be hard at all to list the differences: from the evolution of chalk and white board lectures to smart boards with power point presentations… the sheer joy we felt to be able to visit the “computer lab” once a month, whereas now even pre-school aged children are being taught not only about technology, but also how to use it.  If you click here, it will direct you to the State of New Jersey Department of Education Core Curriculum Content standards for Technology Education in preschool.  You might be pretty impressed/shocked to see that it is now IMPERATIVE that a child leaving preschool should know how to perform tasks such as typing their own name, printing a document, and taking a picture with a digital camera.  What-ever happened to story time and nap time?


When Miller talks about the possible end of the university as we know it, I can’t help but think that society is definitely heading in a different direction when it comes to education.  Perhaps you have seen the recent TV commercial where a young boy in a hospital is able to attend class via his own personal robot, which he is able to maneuver through his own school from the comfort of his hospital bed.  Whether we like it or not, educational institutions all over the western world are beginning to change.

Miller’s idea that the institution of higher education is being subject to this change doesn’t seem too far off.  This calls into consideration, the question whether or not that universities like ours will be able to keep up with, essentially, an all powerful Read/Write Web that, in itself, is capable of providing countless opportunities for self-education.

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