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While reading “College Application 2.0: The Video Essay” article I became interested in possibly watching some of the videos. So I went onto YouTube and just searched “tuft application” and this is what appeared. I literally sat watching these videos for a good twenty minutes. Some of them were quite interesting and some of them I just thought “What in the world possessed you to present this to a college admissions counsel?” While I was watching these I could not help but think of my own experience applying to college. I originally went to a community college after high school so there wasn’t an essay section of the application, but when I applied to Rutgers, there was. I spent so much time tweaking my Rutgers application essay in order to a.) make it fit the length requirements, and b.) make sure it was an awesome essay that would get me into Rutgers. I spent a lot of time with my English professor editing my essay to make it just right. I started to imagine what it would have been like if I had had the opportunity to submit a video essay instead. I believe the video essay presents an opportunity to show one’s creativity. I think I could have come up with a pretty interesting video. Then I started to think of how much of a nervous wreck I would have been trying to make the video essay perfect. I would have had to think long and hard to come up with a concept that would catch the attention of the admissions staff. Although I’d like to consider myself a creative spirit, I know I just really am not that specific kind of creative that would bring me to an awesome video essay. As an English major it would have just made more sense for me to write the original written essay. That task probably would have ended up taking me longer to complete than the written essay and would have probably caused me more stress. Never the less, I believe the video essay option is a really great opportunity for perspective college students. It may not be for everyone but it definitely opens up another door for students who excel in creativity.


2 thoughts on ““Tuft” Stuff

  1. I applied to both Tufts University and Rutgers. Interestingly enough, I completely forgot about the fact that I applied to Tufts University. Last semester I told people that I applied to Rutgers, Fordham, Ithaca, and NYU. I forgot all about Tufts. I did not get into NYU or Tufts, but I recall the applications for both of those colleges being extremely frustrating. I was really happy with the Rutgers application and I wrote the essay on the spot, but it was interesting to see contemplations from you about different ways that you could have submitted your essay.

  2. I think it’s interesting to see that there is now an option to submit a video during the college application process. I watched some of these videos on Youtube last year, actually, and found them to be really intriguing. As you said, some of them were interesting, while others were really odd. I guess schools are looking for creativity beyond what they read on your high school transcript these days.

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