Is There a Right Way To Use Youtube?

In class today, a student stated that people aren’t using YouTube the right way. She believed that we are taking the “powerful tool” of YouTube for granted. She had some valid points, but is there really a right way to use YouTube? And who determines what the right or wrong way is? YouTube has endless number of videos, some with millions of views, and others with barely a hundred. 


Some of my favorite videos on YouTube range from dumb funny videos to educational national geographic videos. In my mind, they all serve a purpose. Some are for entertainment, while others can be very educational. The only channel i’m subscribed to is Shoenice22. If you never heard of him, he is this dude who will basically eat or drink almost anything in record time. If you have the chance definitely check out some of his videos. Some people might argue that Shoenice is the perfect example of what some might believe is the wrong way to use YouTube. He makes funny videos of himself doing ridiculous things, and is making money off the ads.  Is it wrong because he is making money off of these ridiculous videos? People also think Rebecca Black is the wrong way to use YouTube. Her song is terrible but it is still racking up millions of views.

Personally I do not think there is a wrong way to use YouTube. If you can make money from hits on funny videos, then more power to you. YouTube is for people to make videos of whatever they want. There are videos for everyone. It is easy to find useful, educational videos while ignoring the low brow viral videos. 

Do you think there is a right way to use YouTube?

2 thoughts on “Is There a Right Way To Use Youtube?

  1. You hit the nail on this one!! There is no right or wrong to use a website whose intentions are to facilitate the human experience by the means of other humans. YouTube has become a domain that has been catalyst for hit careers, vital information, and become the leading environment for people video-log (vlog) their different experiences in everyday life.

    I don’t know where this need to erect boundaries and defenses comes from, but stifling the voices of others does not lend to the thinking of an inclusive society. Whether someone is posting a video about the consumption of various pies or explaining the myths around black hole radiation theory, there does not need to be anyone policing what content is deemed admissible and what does not belong. The Internet is such a colossal space, it is almost impossible to think that it has four walls. Add to this idea of infinite acres to how personal we associate ourselves to happenings that take place on a computer screen, and it isn’t hard to think that some people feel that is it there sole duty to “guard” or protect something that really belongs to no one.

  2. Your post provokes some interesting thoughts. For a website as massive and well-received as Youtube, there really should not be a so-called “right way” for users to adhere to. As already mentioned, there is a vast plethora of different types of videos, ranging from incredibly informative, educational, entertaining, to full-on ridiculous. What is “important” to one person might be meaningless to another. We have the exceptional ability to have free will to choose whatever we deem interesting for ourselves.

    Our technology and internet are an endless wealth of information. Who can claim themselves mighty (or arrogant) enough to decide what is right and wrong, in the case of Youtube video posting?

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