Don’t Blame Facebook for Our Faults!


There have been millions and millions of articles published about how Facebook is bad for us. How it wastes time and essentially makes us unsocial. Pretty ironic how the most social network in the world is somehow making us… unsocial.

The argument has been made hundreds of times now. That too much time spent “socializing” in front of the computer screen, makes us unsocial in the real world. This may very well be true, but is that the fault of Facebook? No of course it’s not! It’s our fault as humans for being unsocial and we can not blame Facebook for this.

From a digital standpoint, Facebook is one of the greatest things that has ever been invented. It lets us connect with everyone we’ve ever met and use it for more complex features such as finding restaurants and music to listen too. So really, is it our faults if we spend too much time on Facebook, probably not. But, is it our fault for letting it make us unsocial, 100% yes!

Facebook is there as a tool to use for us, which is why it is so deeply integrated into Android and Apple devices. It’s a convenience to have something so powerful at our fingertips all the time! As humans though we have the choice when to use this feature. It is up to us whether we will be out and about talking to people or on our phones, sitting in class actively participating, or sitting on Facebook.

In short, people should be blaming themselves and not Facebook for the tremendous amount of time they waste. Deleting your Facebook because it wastes all your time doesn’t sound like a Facebook problem to me, but more of a personal problem that you have to work on. Time management is everything in the world and if you can’t balance Facebook into your life then I have serious concerns for how far you will be able to go.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Blame Facebook for Our Faults!

  1. Yes, Facebook has both its pros and cons, and it all depends on the users and how mature they are. Facebook does waste so much time, which an individual can use other in more useful things. Though it has the potential to bond relationship it also has the potential to do otherwise. It’s the users that should be blamed not Facebook.

  2. I completely agree that Facebook has both its pros and cons. But it really depends on what kind of social person you are. For example some people would rather have a conversation using technology via text or Facebook. Others prefer face-to-face conversations.

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