Do We Still Need Twitter?

I have never liked Twitter. To be honest, I have always thought it was stupid. A 140 character limit that people circumvent using other web services seems pointless. It partially made sense back before the smartphone era.


Standard text messages carry a 160 character limit, so Twitter enabled people without smartphones to stay connected on the go with 140 character updates.

According to Nielsen in May 2012, over 50% of mobile users had smartphones. This number has since grown, especially since one of the hottest items this past holiday was a smartphone.

Because of this rise, I no longer see the need for Twitter, especially while other social networking platforms offer a more enriched experience. Facebook and Google+ offer a wide range of features that fulfill just about every need in a social site.

In fact, Google+ has recently passed Twitter to claim the 2nd spot for most actively used social network. Google+ integrates seamlessly with just about everything you do on the internet. It also allows you to target who views your content with nice clean group lists known as circles. Yet for some reason, Twitter was mentioned in 50% of all Super Bowl Ads last night even though Google+ wasn’t even mentioned once (Business Insider). A major reason for this is because of ‘hashtagging’ Twitter trends are used in marketing. What are your thoughts on the topic?


3 thoughts on “Do We Still Need Twitter?

  1. I’m kind of on the fence about this question. While I find Twitter to be weird and pointless at times, I also think it can serve a purpose. We saw Egypt basically put together a national revolution through using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. So I guess Twitter can be helpful in that sense. However, I hate when people use Twitter as a means to give their followers an hour-by-hour update on their lives.

  2. I can completely agree with you here. I have never been an avid user of Twitter and the only time I did use it was before Facebook implemented the ability to text in statuses before they developed an app. Twitter to me seemed interesting but at the same time it is basically a stripped down version of Facebook or Myspace even. It can be used for a quick fix or immediate news but that type of information can be accessed anywhere if it is so important. I just find that it become to minimalist that it defeats the purpose of social media.

  3. No, we do not need twitter anymore. Twitter is practically people just blogging all day about their every move. “I’m reading 50 Shades of Grey,” “Heading to the mall,” as if anybody else really cares about what they are doing at that exact moment. I still have my twitter but do not tweet as much as i used to. To me, twitter has become the epitome of ignorance, at least my timeline is. All day twitter is people tweeting song lyrics, meaningless quotes, and giving the world a play-by-play of what they’re currently doing. I’m starting to hate it.

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