“Checked-In” to Facebook

Most of us have facebooks.  And most of us check them quite frequently, so we’ve all seen those certain friends of ours that continuously “check-in” to each and every place they go varying from the gym, to restaurants or a local bar.  When you check-in on Facebook, it tags the place, which you can click on and a map appears which pinpoints your exact location.


Facebook Inc is in the development stages of an application that will track the locations of it’s users.  The app is said to be released by March of this year and is designed to help users to help find nearby friends, and gives Facebook the ability to sell ads based on users whereabouts and their daily habits.  This article explains more of the reasoning behind the creation of this app and controversy lying within it.


I use Facebook and other social media sites but I am a bit skeptical about this new app.  While the article states that it would ask users for their consent and it is claimed to be protected, I still wonder how “safe” it really is.  Whenever anyone makes a status, uploads a photo or checks-in somewhere you are literally broadcasting to the world “I am here.”  When you actually think about it it’s sorta scary.  Most people think it could never happen to them, crimes through the internet are increasing as technology is becoming more advanced.  When I read through this article it made me think a lot about what I put on Facebook or even if one of my friends puts something up that involves me.  When you start to think about it, it’s actually kind of scary.  You don’t think of it at the moment you are doing it, but you really are making yourself so vulnerable by putting yourself out there.

2 thoughts on ““Checked-In” to Facebook

  1. I agree, this is definitely a very scary thing to think about. I know I would not want my personal information leaked let alone my where abouts. This presents an opportunity for someone to potenially stalk someone.

  2. I agree as well. It’s one thing to let your friends and peers know WHAT you are doing; it’s an entirely different story when you are literally making it virtually effortless for someone favorable or unfavorable to find you. However, what does it really say about the person who “checks in” everywhere and constantly allows their personal life to become public?

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