Facebook’s World

http://http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01796/facebook-front_1796837b.jpgThere is no doubt that the Garber article sheds light on one of the biggest problems that we are facing today, decreasing concentration due to social media. I feel that Facebook and other social media allow us to connect but provide a disconnect from the real world.  My biggest problem with Facebook is not the distraction that it causes us only, but the affect that these superficial social ties lead us into. That concentration level that has been decreasing more and more is almost unavoidable. Individuals “live” their lives through this virtual world. Some believe that these profiles depict the lives of individuals when it only shows a minuscule part of each and every person’s life. I read an article previously that said that there were studies made that found individuals less likely to feel better about themselves when they are on Facebook viewing photos of others. Thats the problem that we sometimes take  Facebook too seriously. Its become part of our lives where almost every smartphone is automatically equipped with at least Facebook and Twitter on there, you pretty much just have to activate it or use it. I feel like it is a that people seem to overlook or even sometimes not pay attention to, the affect that they have with our social skills and the humanity that we had between us as individuals rather than just act of “caring” or loving someone through the number of likes they receive on a photo or a post. I feel like people no longer use their phones for what they were invited for, talking. Individuals text and surf the internet through their phone more than they use it to speak to one another. I rarely ever find that my friends call me unless it is extremely important or I fail to answer their texts immediately. Sometimes it makes me wonder is this why there is so much going on with cyber bullying and abusing online? I am not sure but it sure gives the opportunity for it to thrive.

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