Digitally Studying Abroad

The technology advances displayed today are critically amazing. As a journalism major planning and hopefully studying abroad at the John Cabot University in Rome this upcoming summer, I would never think of grasping the same sort of experience of studying abroad if I was to do so digitally. This opportunity for me to study abroad is indefinitely a once in a lifetime chance to experience another part of the world. As the article mentioned, the best way to get the full experience of traveling abroad is to venture out and walk the streets of a foreign country, clutching the culture, eating the food, and submersing yourself among the people and society. It is amazing that this similar experience was captured digitally over the internet using Skype to interact with other students and professors around the world. This really goes to show how advanced our technology has become, and can only mask our predictions for what has yet to come. Personally I would like to venture out into the world with my passport in hand but because these students were not able to travel, they traveled via the internet bearing electronic passports to interact and connect with Middle Eastern students. This was a life-changing international experience for both parties of students without having to leave the country.

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