Aside: New news media?

We talked in class about how newspapers are struggling to adapt to the online world.  Sure there are some interactive buttons, like “share this on facebook!” and “write a comment,” but by and large its a mashing together of the two things and with no true harmony.  I had an experience this week that sort of struck me regarding print media…

I used to write for my community college paper, and staff wrote me to ask if I’d be willing to nominate a colleague from the paper for an award recognizing leadership in the newsroom.  The editor had lead her staff to publish several stories about a professor who was “teaching” 17 classes in one semester at 5 different colleges in several different states at often overlapping time slots.  Thats like teaching full time at 3 different schools.  Anyway, a lot of their research was done online looking through course catalogs and other public documents.  Some of the articles they wrote couldn’t be printed because the paper can only afford to print once a month and they wrote three articles on the issue within about a month.

When I submitted my nomination, it wasn’t in a letter or even an email.  I made and submitted a video.

Its sort of bizarre to me that almost all the fact finding for the article was done online and the nomination for the work is online in video format, but its all for a print newspaper.  This maybe isn’t a great comment but the whole thing got me thinking about print being really overshadowed by the internet…like, journalists are using the web and papers upload stuff onto the web and print news competitions rely on the web, but our papers seem to still be struggling with their online presences…what gives?

By the way, you should totally read the articles, they’re great!

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