Internet: The Future of the Toaster


As I was browsing the web, I stumbled upon this post from Wired Magazine. It is an interesting piece that delves into what the future of technology will be: connected directly into the internet. It will bring forth new “smart” devices, much like how modern technology have turned phones into miniature computers. However, when did the human race develop a need for devices, like the toaster, to be connected to the internet?

It also sheds light on another topic: privacy. If these objects are connected to the internet, who is protecting that data? What security measures are being set into place that will prevent this data from being stolen by either nefarious groups like Anonymous or the even corporations that make our society function. It is a real scary thought if you realize that right now your phone can be tracked, calls recorded, texts intercepted, and other personal information viewed by an outside source that you do not not know is watching. I am not a conspiracy theorist or anything but articles like this, which reveal that the government is also collecting information and breaching this privacy nearly blows my mind. For most Americans, we believe privacy is basic right that should not be violated, but even as free as our nation is privacy is still one of the biggest issues we face.

In a perfect world, an individual could go onto the internet and be completely honest. They could store all their information onto their favorite websites, purchase goods on their favorite online stores, and never once have to thinkabout the possibility of “what happens if my information is taken?” I bet you have even witnessed it too. Logging into Facebook and you see one of those spam posts from a friend that you know obviously didn’t post or you’ve been tag with forty other people on a picture of a pairs shoes or something.


It happens everyday and it used to be as simple as having a strong password but that is not the case anymore. Gizmodo released this brief article on 12/31/13 that shows some of the security holes that the average individual overlooks. As much as we would love for the internet and technology to be private, in this day and age it is impossible. So, when your deciding to buy that ultra-fresh wifi enabled auto-toasting toaster just be aware that somewhere someone could be tracking that information and using it.

One thought on “Internet: The Future of the Toaster

  1. I don’t see the point of having internet on your toaster. That’s pushing the envelope a bit. Sure, someone could come out with it, but I personally wouldn’t buy it. I would just buy a regular old toaster. Actually, I might not even buy a toaster to begin with because I don’t use my current one that much anyway. Maybe in the future I will develop a greater affinity for English muffins or something. But for now, I’m okay. I do believe that privacy is very important and I do not support bills such as PIPA, SOPA, ACTA, NDAA, etc. Although, I have to disagree with you on here on the phrase “nefarious group Anonymous”. The group Anonymous consists of people who mean well and advocate the destruction of tyranny. Most of what they do, regardless of how chaotic or illegal it is, is morally in defense of the common man in the eye of the anonymous beholder, regardless of whether or not it is practical or would allow absolutely everyone to be comfortable with it (there are both left-wing and right-wing Anonymous members, mostly all socially liberal but with varying fiscal views among them). They probably aren’t tracking you unless you have a legitimate plot to cause widespread trouble. In an effort to help you maintain logical consistency in discussions with others, I would recommend defending Anonymous if you decide to attack government privacy breaching.

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