The Emergence of the Fascinating “ME”: The Facebook Epidemic of the Virtual Self

By perpetuating the popular fallacy that all individuals are equally intriguing, Facebook has established itself as the ideal social media platform for self glorification.  No longer are private sentiments, acts or events recognized as poignant moments of a personal life, but instead news worthy tidbits to be broadcasted incessantly in the interest of validation from an assembled audience.  Identity in the 21st century revolves around a propped up virtual display of self promotion in order to achieve the desired glossed image of constructed “cool”.  Emulating the nauseating status of celebrity, the self obsessed feel compelled to document every mundane errand ( “I’m going to Walmart to buy motor oil for my BMW”) and inane thought ( “I loovvve my Gucci sunglasses. See?” ) complete with product placement to stir the spectators into a breathless frenzy of admiration and convey the most essential point: ” Pay attention- I am so friggin spectacular”.

No longer do personal attributes need to be internally developed to merit a distinct character when it can be clicked into existence- because its all about the image right?  Who wants to be bothered with the arduous task of ‘being”, of embodying traits when you can posture instead?  Everyone strives for the perfect image, but no one strives for the perfect soul.  Materialism defines us,  aesthetics establish worth, self delusion substitutes for substance..




One thought on “The Emergence of the Fascinating “ME”: The Facebook Epidemic of the Virtual Self

  1. I like this post. Its crazy how self-absorbed things sites like facebook can be, especially under the guise of “keeping people in touch.” And cool isn’t just about self-promoting your new selfie pic, its about that selfie having Gucci sunglasses in it. Consumerism is whats cool, and its perpetuating this bizarre and totally false idea that you’re a special unique person if you shop at the same stores as everyone else, spend as much as you can, and post it all on your instagram.

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