Child of the…Internet?

I feel as though I grew up as a child of the book.  My mom really emphasized the importance of reading for fun, which I picked up very naturally.  As I grew up my 4533753-little-child-girl-sitting-on-a-bed-and-looking-at-the-empty-page-of-the-booklove of reading also grew, even as the Internet became extremely popular. But I don’t think being a child of the book only means that you enjoy to read.  Originally when I heard child of the book I related to it, but now thinking about my teenage years I don’t think that Ican have that title.  Ithink our generation is more of a transitional period, where our earlier years we grew up with books, but as we’ve aged it has completely changed.  The idea of not using Google today to do projects is such a foreign idea to me, and I really can’t remember the last time I’ve used a book for a project, especially when it wasn’t required.  So while I know I am definitely addicted to technology and the Internet, I feel as though the upcoming generation is far worse. 


120521043619-clinton-steyer-internet-story-topI recently went on vacation with my 5and 7-year-old cousins, and I couldn’t believe how often they used technology.  On a 20-minute car ride they asked for their iPods before their seatbelts were even buckled.  When I told them we were going to talk for the duration of the car ride rather than play games, both of them immediately started throwing tantrums.  I couldn’t believe how much they relied on technology to keep themselves occupied.  And the interesting part of it wasn’t that I felt they were constantly were playing with their iPods, but how they were in social situations.  They needed constant attention and were almost incapable of entertaining themselves.  It really came across that being entertained was almost our duty, when I always felt when I was younger that it was my job to occupy myself. 

BrothersPlayingVideoGamesWhile playing in the pool they weren’t capable of doing anything on their own and got really bored very quickly.  These video games are constantly changing, making real life seem inadequate and boring.  This also can play into the over prescribed pills for Attention Deficit Disorder.  Maybe the problem isn’t the children’s ability to focus, but the fast paced games.  I’m really curious to see how growing up a child of the Internet will effect children in the future. 


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