Is the Internet Good for Us?

The internet can be a wealth of knowledge. It proves us with the ease to assess to information and resources that were once only obtainable by cracking open a book. It has the ability to let you share photos, videos, comments and even create entire pages dedicated to yourself via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, ect.. The internet medium is not a dying technology, but one that is growing more so by the day. However, this does bring forth the question: is the internet good for us?

During the episode of How I Met Your Mother: History vs. Mystery, the affects of the internet and what it does to an individual are humorous portrayed through the show’s titles characters.

I had never really put into consideration how much the internet has changed society considering I progressed through my teenage years at rise of social media, but I can say that this clip does portray how the internet has changed our behavior. I remember when I was younger and did not have access to phones that could connect to the internet. Those times were all about having fun with friends and getting into debates or being curious about facts and having to wait to look them up at a later point in time. Now if a debate breaks out we have to whip out our phones to look up the relevant information and by that times we honestly have lost all interest.

Our society has become to infused with the concept of being connected to the internet that it is commonplace to look up information about a new acquaintance, stalk their Facebook page or Google search their name to see if anything that would be undesirable pops up. We can know somebodies likes, interests, habits and preferences just by entering a name and hitting enter. Twenty to thirty years ago this kind of behavior would be considered obsessive and crazy but in today’s society is has become acceptable due to the fact that the information is public.

The problem arises because what we consider private is actually public. It was the topic of concern in the assignment article Welcome to the Blogosphere. We all share information online and do not truly consider who may or may not see it. Our future-selves may not see it coming but what could happen when they look back and us and realize that we posted something that has had a negative impact in their our life? I would certainly assume that they would be mad. Can you blame them though? We live in a world where we are constantly connected and that constant is affected our own behavior.

Before the internet people used to go outside and play. They used to spend more time with family, read the newspaper, go to concerts, form real memories and have real events occur right before their eyes. Now, it is just we sit in front of a SetWidth420-TheLatestPluginDeviceYourBrain120110214screen as synthetic light projects what ever we desire in front of our faces. It has replaced real human interaction with the addiction to constantly be up-to-date and informed, even when in the presence of real people. The previous post by Professor Bielecki posed the question if it was still possible to be a child of the book and at this point it seems unlikely. As newer generations are born they are taught that the internet is the easiest source of information and it will remain like that until something further advanced is invented. We have allowed ourselves into an Orwellian future of sorts, where privacy is a thing of the past and we either have to change that outcome or accept our future.

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